Thread: Demo of...what?

Demo of...what?

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    Demo of...what?

    What is the point of the demo?
    I tried the demo yesterday on Steam, and to my joy, I hassled around with GameSpy's crappiness, only to find when I joined a game, I couldn't play as a demo player.
    What do they want me to do? Experience the GameSpy crappiness and hassle of logging in? Watch the BACKGROUND VIDEO? Demos usually have gameplay. Demos should urge me to buy a game. (removed text by CHIP)

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    havent tried the steam demo, there might be a bug try the regular demo, it works fine

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    You can only play on the map "islands of soloman" or something...

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    I tested the steam has same problems as the actual game and the other demo. Yes, you can only play islands of solomon as well, unfortuanatly.

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