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Thread: Favorite Star Ocean game?

Favorite Star Ocean game?

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    Sure, I'll get this section started. What is everyones favorite Star Ocean game in the series? Mine is The Last Hope, though Till the End of Time is close behind!

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    Probably 2.

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    I liked SO3 a lot, So that is my favorite.

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    Till the End of Time is def my favorite!

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    Yep, 3 here too. Loved the battle system.

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    The only one I've played is SO3: not even finished it, but it was still alright. I want to get my hands on a copy of SO4 International, though.

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    Star Ocean 3 was really good

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    Even though a lot of people hate on it, The Last Hope was my favorite, 'kay? (Sorry, I had to. haha)

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    Its tough to choose, but 3 is probably the one I enjoyed most.

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    I haven't finished The Last Hope yet, but so far, I'd say out of the 4 that were released in some form Stateside, I liked the story and characters of SO2 the best, but overall I liked SO3 the most. I was really, really feeling The Last Hope until they started making unnecessary tasteless jokes at Reimi's expense. ^_^;

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    I've enjoyed them all (the music was really awesome, especially for the battles). I say that my most favorite would have to be SO4.

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    Star Ocean: The Second Story by FAR. Then S03.

    voice acting in SO4 was too bad for me to finish

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    I was pretty annoyed with the voices too, but since I had the International version I put it on the Japanese audio.

    Really, I wish they'd give players the option of turning audio off completely and having full control over text scrolling. But I guess that might cause a problem with cut scenes and makes games less "cinematic," which seems to be the thing right now. Maybe games will go back to being games someday.

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    SO2, by far. Such a superb game, and the end credits song in the original PS1 version is still one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. SO3 is the one I like the least, not fond of the plot twist at all, it was just stupid and made everything lame. SO4 is mostly ok (except when the hero is too whiny), but I'm pleased that I have the PS3 version so I can play with the japanese voices!

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    Star Ocean: Til the End of Time. NO QUESTION.

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    never played the first one, played the second one on the playstation, played Till The End Of Time.

    best one IMO is TTEOT (3). that ending...i wish i still had a playstation 2 , but i wont play it unless it is the Detector's cut version, because that is the one i played before.

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    Star Ocean 2 was my first taste of the series and still holds a special place in my heart after over a decade.

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    Have a hard time choosing between Star Ocean 2 and Till the End of Time. x_x

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    Originally Posted by rinimt
    Sure, I'll get this section started. What is everyones favorite Star Ocean game in the series? Mine is The Last Hope, though Till the End of Time is close behind!
    So far out of the 2 i have played i still like star ocean till the end of time, i still havent played the remakes of 1 and 2 i hope to play them soon.

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    Star Ocean: The Second Story is my favorite. Enjoyed the characters, the story, the mechanics, the battle system, and especially the music. It was all rather well crafted. Of course, the original Star Ocean is also a pretty incredible game even if I've never beaten it.

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    Star ocean 3 till the end of time

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    Overall, my favorite has to be The Second Story - it had the best characters, most endings, some of the best humor... I wouldn't say it had the best story because it didn't. In my opinion The Last Hope had the best story (yeah, I said it). Ugh... I just love the whole series. Even WITH whatever flaws each has. Now they just need to re-release Blue Sphere on AT LEAST the DS (or 3DS if they must).

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    I know most people don't like Last Hope but it was my favorite.

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    I only played SO2, and I never got completely through the game, but it was a good game. I was never too focused on it like I should have been.

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    star ocean till the end of time i liked the battle system and story

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