Thread: Vista locks up immediately in single player

Vista locks up immediately in single player

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    Vista locks up immediately in single player

    I have a brand new dell xps m1710 vista machine w/2gb ram and an nvidia geforce go 7950 gtx. It came with directx10. I have the newest nvidia driver from the dell website. Is my problem directx10? do I need to install directx9? if so where can i get the latest version of directx9? any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to play this game!!!

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    I can say you will save yourself alot of gaming grief by making your machine dual boot vista /xp. That said you need directx 9 to play this game, im not sure if both can be on the same vista, try installing it... if it works great, if not dual boot. If you dont have an old copy of xp, then just dual boot your vista with vista basic(the free edition) it installs with directx 9 only

    Most people dont realize gaming is cutting edge technology , and while vista maybe be user ready for companies and schools. There are alot of game related drivers that just dont have universal compatability yet. And thats why im in no rush to upgrade even though i already have vista (ill do it when halo 2 vista exclusive comes out)

    Dont dispair though by september 99% of the driver compatability issues should be resolved. Thats what happened with ME and XP, took about 6 to 9 months for the companies catch up to the new OS.

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    Thanks alot

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking thats what it was. Will try immediately.

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    I believe it should be possible to install Dx9 on vista but according to micro$oft that shouldnt be an option. Vista needs Dx10 is what they say and not a Dx that downgrades the OS. Yet i'm pretty sure, of all Vista owners that more then half has an illegal version!

    ow well, with the right Programs & codes I can transform my XP into Vista
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    no need for all that I am running vista and i have found that simply installing GAMESPY 2.0 and runing it in admin mode before starting bsm(ALSO IN ADMIN) will fix this problem. Also for somereason you also need to go to your routers firewall and turn off upnp. A lot of work but it gets the game running. Thank you eidos because of you I have had to learn a lot about my computer and the networking aspect of it.....I really should not have had to thats why I paid you 50 bucks for.

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    Your machine isnt DX10.....7950 is DX9.

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    somewhat true, his PC API is Directx 10 but his card only supports up to Directx 9 so u dont get the best visual quality from the game. i doubt this game only fully supports Directx 9, im preety sure this game has some Directx 10 elements some places in the game. to unlock these u will need a video card tht supports Directx 10

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    from wiki

    [edit] DirectX 10
    Windows Vista ships with DirectX 10 and is the only version of Windows which it is offered for, and it has a large number of changes: DirectInput will be deprecated in favor of XInput, from the Xbox team. Likewise, DirectSound will also be deprecated in favor of XACT. DirectX 10 has also dropped support for hardware accelerated audio, opting instead to render sound in software on the CPU. DirectPlay is deprecated in favor of Xbox Live whereas DirectShow will be deprecated in favor of Media Foundation, a different set of APIs debuting with Windows Vista to handle audio and video playback. DirectMusic will probably remain the only component intact.[citation needed]

    [edit] Direct3D
    A major new feature of DirectX 10 is Direct3D 10 (originally called Windows Graphics Foundation). By using the new Windows Display Driver Model, Shader Model 4 and new, more strict requirements for GPU manufacturers to claim Direct3D 10 compatibility,[1] version 10 of Direct3D represents a departure from the practices of previous versions. In order to achieve backwards compatibility with previous versions of Direct3D, DirectX 10 actually contains three versions of Direct3D:[2]

    Direct3D 9: this API emulates all Direct3D 9 on Windows XP behavior (and its quirks) in order to achieve full compatibility with older applications. All the details and advantages of Vista's Windows Display Driver Model are hidden from the application if WDDM drivers are installed. This is the only API available if there are only XP graphic drivers (XPDM) installed, after an upgrade to Vista for example.
    Direct3D 9Ex (previously known as 9.0L): allows full access to the new capabilities of WDDM while maintaining compatibility for existing Direct3D applications by putting it in a separate API. The transparency ("Glass") effects in Windows Aero rely on the D3D 9Ex code path. When 9Ex was still codenamed 9.0L, there were rumors that this would be Direct3D 10 for Windows XP.[3] It was quickly pointed out that this was not the case, mainly due to lack of support for WDDM in Windows XP.[4]
    Direct3D 10
    Currently, the only graphics hardware compatible with Direct3D 10 is the NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series which has thus far limited the advent of Direct3D 10-capable applications. Contrary to rumors surrounding the issue, Direct3D 10 will not be released on the Xbox 360 via a firmware update due to incompatibilities with its graphics hardware.[5]

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    Vista have the software for DX10 which also contain DX9L to run DX9 games.
    To run DX10 you also need a graphics card that has DX10 hardware.

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