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Thread: What Should Just Cause 2 have?

What Should Just Cause 2 have?

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    Originally Posted by Yungstar
    access to the map so that you can place a marker that then shows on the mini map while playing so that you don't have to keep checking the main map to see where you are.

    use made of the underwater space, great that you can go down there. just a pity there is nothing to do while down there, other than the odd one or three collectibles. perhaps sunken ships/planes/subs etc that you have to explore for gold/drugs.

    perhaps destruction on a scale of Mercs 2 or at least more destruction than JC has.

    if it's anything like the first game, perhaps a photo mode (challenge for gamer score) so that you can take pictures of all the class/funny stuff in the next game?
    or it should be like red faction gurillela with the descruction that would be sweet

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    More guns
    More vehicles
    VTOL jets
    more settlements
    very well hidden ultimate vehicles and guns


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    hah by now i can tell u that most of this stuff is gonna be in jc2, !!!!JC2 FORUM ftw!!!!
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    Originally Posted by black dude40
    Ø Lots more cars/boats/planes and other ways of transportation (e.g. hang glider).
    Ø More guns.
    Ø Much more varied side missions.
    Ø Different types of grenades.
    Ø Better skydive mechanics.
    Ø Grappling hook that attaches to things other than vehicles, other metal surfaces.
    Ø Be able to use grapple hook while skydiving.
    Ø Harder to find rare vehicles (but still all obtainable in free roam).
    Ø Caves, under-water caves.
    Ø Findable keys that unlock doors to special places with unique guns/vehicles (keys shown on map like collectable items.
    Ø Underwater transport (e.g. mini-sub)
    Ø Larger garages & garages for all types of transport so you can save all types of vehicle (e.g. helipad, private runway by safehouse with hanger(s), boat house).
    Ø Garages can contain more than 1 vehicle.
    Ø All vehicles will fit in garages.
    Ø An ultimate land-sea-air vehicle that you unlock by collecting all secret vehicles/weapons OR by completing all main missions.
    Ø Modifiable guns (e.g. silencers, laser sights).
    Ø New high-tech guns (e.g. lasers, miniguns).
    Ø Introduce the fabled myths in Just Cause 1 (e.g. Stirling STL-3 Octavio, mini-sub, underwater scooter in free roam).
    Ø Introduce disguises.
    Ø Difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, etc).
    Ø Audio improvement.
    Ø Some accessible buildings.
    Ø Trees at least splintering when you hit them at high speeds.
    Ø Partly submersible vehicles, for shallow water (e.g. tanks).
    Ø No wanted level from bumping into civilian cars.
    Ø Limited fuel – garages, land & sea, & mid air refuelling tankers marked on map as well as refuelling stations at safehouses.
    Ø Weather other than just rain or sun (e.g. lightning, wind, fog etc).
    Ø A NON-city setting.
    Ø Ragdoll physics.
    Ø 2 or 3 stealth missions & stealth weapons (silenced, knife etc).
    Ø Rock climbing gear.
    Ø A list & pictures of all vehicles & weapons in the manual.
    Ø Police only sending motorbikes after you until level 3, at level 3 police cars & vans sent, helicopters only for level 4 & 5, at level 5 army called in.
    Ø New wanted level (level 6) – fighter planes & tanks sent after you.
    Ø More tanks (ones that look like the ones the army use in the real world).
    Ø Attacking helicopters & extraction/vehicle drop helicopters should be accessible.
    Ø GPS system – you can select where you want to go on the map & it will tell you how to get there (highways, quickest route etc).

    Feel free to make any more suggestions
    Dude even after all that you have still missed out a vital point...
    Ø More Mental
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    Originally Posted by Dllfile
    A patch for JC1 lol
    New Car physics because at high speed you always spin out even if you dont have a flat tire. Patch for JC1,2,and 3 beause i have a really fast computer and it still takes like 5 hours
    oh, and police helicopters should stop following you so if you accidentally bump someone you wont be shot down oh, and if you dont like action, lets say your at a party. chopper gunfire scares everyone away. Annoying!!!

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    Originally Posted by black dude40
    ØGrappling hook that attaches to things other than vehicles, other metal surfaces.

    Feel free to make any more suggestions
    yuo mean like trees, the ground,sides of cliffs and buildings

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