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    Unhappy Angle of Darkness

    Im in Strahov Fortress, I have got over wire fence after turning off gas but every time I turn the game freezers and then shuts down. Until now this has never happened. Can someone please help!

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    You haven't said what platform you're playing on.

    If you're playing on PC, you should download and install the patches if you haven't done so already. Go here and download the Angel of Darkness v.42 and v.49 patches. Don't bother with the v.52 patch, it does essentially the same thing as v.49 but will cause previous saves not to work. Install the v.42 patch first, and then the v.49 patch.

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    The Multipatch installer on TombRaiderChronicles will automatically install v49 in one go. It also contains the updates for tr2, tr3, tr4 and tr5

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