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Thread: Tombraider Anniversary ... Another Review

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    Tombraider Anniversary ... Another Review

    I know all you people are desparate to get your hands on any information regarding Anniversary atm. Goran and Catsuit are right, this game is gonna be well worth the wait, and how do I know? Well, I too was lucky enough to get an invitation to Amsterdam to the recent press conference they held there.

    You can read a Review of the Press Conference Here

    and see the video and read the transcipt of it Here

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    Cool. Nice report

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    thanks so much for sharing!

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    wow, I hope they weren't making that thing about the multi-Lara photoshoot up

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    NO NO it happened

    we'll just have to wait for the images

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    That is very cool. Good review.
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    Thanks Goran

    It was an easy review and worth the flight to get there, but then you'd know what I mean having seen the game for yourself. Just can't wait for all these loyal raiders to get their hands on it too now ... then the discussions can really start

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    Hm, Amsterdam is like 2 and a half hours from where we live. Why were we not there?
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    It did cross my mind that you may have been there ... was suprised that all the other people there were from gaming sites and no one else pure Tombraider ...

    This is the second time there has been a press comference held in Amsterdam ... maybe next time eh?

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    Maybe with Eidos soon in Montreal we can have easy access to such conferences in the futur. I see myself "Mush,mush, dogs, only two more weeks in the tundra and we see Eidos hut"

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    LOL. I live in Alaska and the Iditarod is almost over! Of course, they're going the wrong way for Eidos.

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    That was interesting. Thank you!

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    I was also there, together with Diva and 2 other team members. The press conference was really really great!

    We have also taken any pictures and makes a video, you can view they here or here. Much pleasure with it!

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