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Thread: Tomb Raider: Annivesary on PSP comes packed with goodies!

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    Exclamation Tomb Raider: Annivesary on PSP comes packed with goodies!

    Eidos has released the factsheet from Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Annivesary on PSP with lots of goodies for this console.

    Unique PSP Key Features:

    • Tomb Trials – Master Challenge Mode
    - Single and two player checkpoint races
    - Go head to head in timed, PSP only obstacle courses.

    • Raid ‘n’ Seek Pro Mode
    - Wi-Fi 2 player – only mode, players compete to see who can collect the most
    artefacts while foiling their rival using traps and weapons.
    - Features player-activated platform objects, obstacles and traps that allow
    players to actively sabotage their opponent.

    • Bonus reward Content
    - Exclusive Image Gallery – Unlock gallery images by completing challenges.
    - Single still images or puzzle pieces of a larger image
    - Variations on the 3D Vista Wallpaper (different locations, Lara poses)
    - Some could be assigned as backgrounds for menu screens
    - PSP-only Lara skins
    - PSP-only sound tracks

    Over the years, the fans of the Tomb Raider franchise have been constantly asking for a new version of the original Tomb Raider. We have answered the call with Tomb Raider: Anniversary. This game is for the fans.

    Tomb Raider Annivesary will be out on PS2, PC in May 2007 and PSP in June 2007

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    so all the psp players get loads of cool extras and the normal ps2 players don't

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    those will probably be in the ps2 version aswell..
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    ...I doubt it

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    This was a PSP-only game! So, it's only for PSP these goodies. sorry pal

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor willard View Post
    those will probably be in the ps2 version aswell..
    Nope, they won't. The PSP version of Legend had its own extras that are very similar to these that Anniversary will have.

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