Thread: Are Catalina planes on midway pointless?

Are Catalina planes on midway pointless?

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    Are Catalina planes on midway pointless?

    I was using them yesterday & i found out that they actually can carry two torpedos which i thought was pretty cool. but they kept getting shot down very easy & didnt score a hit.

    i know our enemies really went OTT with Zeros- but still the Catalinas did not give a good account of themselves.

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    if i remember right dont they have sonar? are not they suppose to be sub hunters?

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    They have sonar and can be equip. w/ depth charges, they are primarily used as sub-hunters.

    I usually fly them around my carriers looking for those sneaky submariners...

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    o , lol i forgot about the sonar but i mainly use them for scouting out ships

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    Yes there useless on that map

    see above

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    Of course on M1 where you get catalinas the japanese have no subs....

    On M1 Ihave used them as distractions to try and draw the fighter cover off thecarrieres as I send in another wave of bombers.

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    Well, if you can get close enough, they have equipable torpedos, so
    That can make them a little useful
    On a Mission from God....

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    well i suppose if someone isnt paying attention then you can get close enough- but otherwise Catalinas are easily killed

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    i use them armed with 2 torps, on the campiagn they are vey usefull for taking out AK's or cripiling DD's and CL's, thing is though they are normaly destroyed on the return journey

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    catalina's should be used for recon
    becouse they can fly higher then the Flak range
    and fighters having an hard time interecepting them

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    Question use them for cap

    they do a great job for combat air patrol. they have guns on the sides that the AI uses or you can use by middle clicking.

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    FOr planes like this, I use them as a distraction. Some players don't pay attention and if the ai is controlling planes, they will chase, often several groups. It's just a good tactic to use worthles planes or any plane to get groups of ai to chase you. Sometimes 2 or 3 groups of ai will chase a plane,
    giving you time to attack.

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    I got 1 Catalina through 4 strikes in MI. Kept rearming and sending her OUT!! Anyways, the key to survival is #s so there. Anyways, if used right, you have some extra torps, if not, then you have a distraction, ether way, they do somthing!!
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    I use them as kamikaze planes

    i fly as high as possible and then... =======================> BOOM kami run on target

    and i also use them as recon planes

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