Thread: Wow! This place is still here!

Wow! This place is still here!

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    Big Grin Wow! This place is still here!

    . . . and it's nice to see you're still around, Moggraider. I see you're in Philly now, too! (I'm not exactly from Philly - but very close.)

    I was looking at a directory on my hard drive full of old junk from years ago when I came across This. All of a sudden, I had the urge to come to this place. Nice to see it's still around.

    Does anyone else come around here anymore?

    Oh, and in case you're not sure - you may remember me as TiadaghtonDude (or better yet Tight-on-Dude.) I found my old account, but I can't remember the password, and that E-mail address is long dead.

    Anyway, it'd be nice to hear from any old timers who are out there and can see this.



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    Hey, Tight On. I'm still here, and that's about it. I think Threesixty stopped posting here finally some months ago. SirCanealot dropped by once in October. I'm 21 now and still hanging in. I'm in college in Philly and heading to law school in the fall. Not sure where yet. Hit me up on AIM; my handle is Moggraider. The only other board I still check is Quarter to Three, the best game board ever.

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