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    Does anyone of you know the system requirements for the new Tomb Raider Anniversary?
    I have a 2 GHZ Processor (AMD Athlon 3200+) and a Nvidia Geforce 6600.
    Will I be able to play this game?

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    No official word on the system specs yet.
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    Im pretty sure you will be able to run it with 256 DDR,giving that is on the same engine as TRA an it comes out on the PS2

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow7x8 View Post

    I have a 2 GHZ Processor (AMD Athlon 3200+) and a Nvidia Geforce 6600.
    Do that the other way round, AMD Athlon 3200+ (2ghz Clock Speed)

    But yeah, your system sounds fine to me, should be able to run it, can you run Legend? Because if you can, you should be able to run anniversary.
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    That's what I thought. Don't think Anniversary will vary much from Legend; especially bearing in mind it will only feature "past" (or is it still current?) gen graphics.

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    Yes. I'm able to run Legend.

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    Then I suppose you won't have any problems at all running Anniversary, but like stated above, there hasn't been official word yet regarding the requirements. I suppose in a couple of weeks we'll know.

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