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No sound problem

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    No sound problem

    Hey guys

    i've got a problem with this game:
    When i get the eidos logo i can hear sound and in all the movies before the main menu i have sound, but ingame and in the menu's there is no sound . I have tryed compatability mode but it won't help any help plz!

    my specs:
    Asus P5B
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    Geforce 7900GS
    2048MB ram

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    I'm not sure if you will ever see this, but atleast this will help for other people who may be having this problem.

    What is causing the issue with your sound is connected to a file called openall32.dll

    In order to fix it, simply go to C:\windows-->System and find a file called openall32.dll so the same file as you have on your shellshock nam game folder. Copy this file and paste it to your shellshock nam game folder, it asks if you want to replace the current one with this new file, click yes. Sounds should work after this.

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