Thread: I finally did it!

I finally did it!

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    I finally did it!

    I finally finished campaign on veteran! WOOT
    Raid on Balikpapan was the last one I had to do, and it was rather easy after I figured out what to do.

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    Raid on Balikpapan makes me want to throw my controller at the wall.

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    Originally Posted by Seanyboii20
    Raid on Balikpapan makes me want to throw my controller at the wall.
    Yea it's really hard, but if you want some advise:

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    Wait so your saying on veteran, destroy all the cargo ships and the reinforcements wont show? Cause they show up the minute I shoot the first cargo ship.

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    There's a time limit for reinforcements.

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    Yea if you destroy them fast enough the reinforcements wont show up.

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    Unfair scripting

    Well I finished the campaign yesterday.
    To be honest I started a long time ago but then I got caught up with multiplayer games so never had time to finish the single player missions.
    This weekend the internet backbone had some severe latency issues so I had 200 ping at best so turned my attention to the last 4 missions.

    My experience refers to REGULAR mostly.

    The most annoying mission is the 4th back from the end (I guess the Tulagi thing) where an airport and a shipyard needs to be taken out and then the landing forces to be supported.
    Hmmm. Having said that I kept my well used strategies in place to keep my carrier out of the battle and have the job done by the planes.
    And then - the funny twist of the developer - the CA and DD shows up near the landing forces and unless you have some planes or ships near by it's end of the game. It is rather annoying to operate with scripted situations like this.
    I guess on VETERAN the situation is even more difficult.

    The last 3 maps - after the one above was a piece of cake - at least on regular. (I'll re-run them on VETERAN if I have time) I did them on the first pass. The Coral Sea battle is a surprise - as soon as one of the enemy carriers are damaged they are withdrawing. Also stupid that the AI keeps sending bombers and torp planes without fighter cover... The ZERO squad (for me) was circiling around the middle of the map. My torp planes took a detour and was clear to home in.

    Nicer AI work and lots of planes - However it was rather too easy. I managed to defend the two airfields in the first run, knocked off all the landing troops with one fighter and by the time the Yorktown showed up it was all done.
    Obviously I lost the two airfields as when the Jap carriers showed up on the map I took everything I had (B-17, PT boats, torp planes) and sent them towards the Japs. So the 2nd Jap wave took out my airfields in no time but I took out the two carriers... haha... Fletcher would have been annoyed. LoL.

    Final map - hmmm. First map where the AI on REGULAR was more or less reasonable with fighter cover - however it did not help. After playing multiplayer games there are two things making life easier: 1. 4 air group slots on the carriers, 2. AI is never as good as real opponents.
    As soon as the enemy carrier group was located I launched all torp planes with fighter cover and took out one carrier, the other remained at 50%.
    And then a script twist of the extra two jap DD and CA!!!
    Well it would have been difficult but as usual I kept my ships far away from the enemy (at a cost of long flight times) so by the time the DD/CAs got half way towards me the other Jap carrier was out of business and victory.


    My overall assessment is that the single player mission is way too simple and much more focused on the arcade element than strategy. VETERAN level might put up some challenge however it won't increase the complexity of the strat more just call for more accuracy...

    I hope the add-ons or extensions (if they come out) will give more room for strategy.


    And some cruel things: at the Coral Sea battle Donald must survive just to get killed in the aftermath animation sequence???????????????????


    Historically the Midway thing was rather inaccurate. There were no landing attempt to Midway from the Japs and obviously in the real battle the 4 carriers operated as ONE task force. If slicing it up the aftermath should have been killing the 4th carrier that escaped the big raid and damaged Yorktown.

    Also in my memories the Japs came at midway from South / South-West and the US carrier group was stationed North.

    Anyways. Still like to game but it needs a lot of fixing to turn a great idea into a great realization.
    Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

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    Originally Posted by It3llig3nc3
    The most annoying mission is the 4th back from the end (I guess the Tulagi thing) where an airport and a shipyard needs to be taken out and then the landing forces to be supported.
    I thought that was quite an easy mission, I just sent some torpedo bomber to the CL and destroyed it before the landing crafts were even in range. Raid on Balikpapan was IMO the hardest

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    Strike on Tulagi isn't that hard. I destroy everything via aircraft on the islands before I attack the shipyard. Once the gun emplacements are destroyed I postition a DD off the coast of the shipyard and wait.

    When my attacking aircraft return, I put up four 3ship flights of divebombers and have them circle my carrier that I park to the southwest.

    Once my DD destroys the shipyard the Japanese DD and CA spawn to attack the invasion fleet. I then use my dive bombers to attack the CA which usually is crippled during the first air attack.

    Recall them for another attack and order 2 3-ship flights of dive bombers to attack the CA and the other two 3 ship flights to destroy the DD. If you have any problems you should have the other DD with your carrier near by to help out.

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    The thing I don't understand is the first few maps are hard, and the last maps are easy.

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    Strike on Tulagi story.

    Without doubt and as it was said after my comments if you KNOW that the CA/DD is going to show up it's a piece of cake. You can be sure the 2nd time I played the mission I lined up my resources and planes accordingly so by the time the CA started to turn towards the landing force it was swarmed by torp planes

    The reason why I said it's difficult as I tried to play this as a strategy game and I aimed to win it at the FIRST try.
    I do not rush things but wanted to make sure I can win it without having to re-try it.
    The CA/DD twist is ugly since I did a lot of pre-caution to survey the area for enemy, sent planes around the map to see if there is anything out there, put my destroyer nearby the landing zone to support the troops etc... And then suddenly out of nowhere the Jap ships manifest. It's a game so it is acceptable, however I'm a bit annoyed by twists like that which is good for only having the player re-try the map again. no clues, nothing...
    It's almost equal to if suddenly one of your ships sink due to an unexpected explosion or sabotage
    Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

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