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Thread: Built in kill-switch

Built in kill-switch

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    Thumbs Down Built in kill-switch

    I'm just wondering if there is a built in kill-switch for this game. How many people have been experiencing lag, pauses, and sound not playing after an hour or two.

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    Unhappy yo

    i have experienced some like when i'm doing a liberation it freezes,the only thing that goes flying is my console at that point(i don't really throw it).
    i don't know why it happens and sometimes i go so high in a plane there's a light all around the game
    if there is a automated kill switch it's has been installed in mine.

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    Well i had some problems with the water graphics and the Widescreen ofcourse. It sucked not having both of them. But both problems have been solved! i cant believe it!

    I love the game, but nevertheless a lot of problems occured. And i agree with people who say it's released too soon. It feels like a beta version.

    Also, i wish the Eidos people just respected their costumers. It's redicilous to not have any reaction or whatsoever. Anyway: let's hope Just Cause 2 will make us all speachless!

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    Cool yo

    also even though there is glitches you don't really take notice of them as your playing (well i don't anyway).
    and i bet (not literally) that just cause 2 will be cool.

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    I think Eidos lost a lot of people on the first Just Cause. Even if Just Cause 2 is better, I'm sure no one will buy it (at least I won't).

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    Rolleyes Some major stuttering

    I've experienced some major stuttering. After 60 to 90 minutes of gameplay, I get choppy framerate and stuttering sound. The only way to solve this is to shut down and restart the game, which will let me play for another 60 min, etc. All my drivers are up to date. I get the issue with or without using the AMD DualCore Optimizer. Running XP SP2 with minimum set of background tasks and services, no AV or other spyware utilities running of course (I always use EndItAll before launching any games). I haven't had problems of that magnitude in any other current titles. Any solution to this issue? I'm about to give up on Just Cause...
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe/ AMD64 X2 4800+ Toledo w/ Zalman CNPS9500-LED Cooling / OCZ Titanium 2GB DDR400 2-3-2-5 1T/ ATI X1900 XTX / WD Raptor 150GB SATA1 / 2 x WD Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2 / Antec NeoHE 550W / NEC 16X DVD±R DVD 3550A / Samsung 930B LCD / Logitech THX Z-5300e / Nostromo N52 / Windows XP SP2

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    I never get lags as I'm using a pretty powerful processor and my GPU have yet to find a game that cannot be handled with max settings. This game, is another problem. For some reason, there are so many things that are either f**ked up or rushed at the very last minute. You cannot perform proper stunts, and now my .exe file doesn't even load up.

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    Thumbs Down What I think is happening

    Originally Posted by Blakreloaded
    The reason there is that stuttering is a result of the WORST GLITCH EVER. This glitch carries on through all versions of the game. What happens is that the game decompresses the files for the land that you fly/drive over then, it loads it into memory then when you keep driving/flying over land it only deletes the memory when it needs more, this causes serious lag when you crash or some one talks, etc. and just the usual 15FPS type lag as well. BUT the most annoying thing is that you can only stop this lag by restarting your system, hich is bad for PC users. BTW even if you quit game and come back later the lag will still be there. So every hour or so you have to restart to avoid this lag.

    PS: This lag can be of use when trying to glitch the game to get into the Excelsior!

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    OK. First to say "Hi!" because I just registered here.

    Now to say what's bugging me at this moment about this really cool, enjoyable and BUGGY game! Maybe someone complained about this bug before, but anyway I should ask. Right now I'm on the mission where first I must steal 3 suitcases from a millitary base and then I must kill Mendosa and destroy his ship. In the middle of the mission it's said that Mendosa runs away with his chopper so the only task that's left for me is to destroy the ship. But when I get to the ship with chopper and try to land with a parachute on it I just fall in the water, below the ship. So I can see the ship but I can't touch it! Nothing can touch it - everything just gets through the walls of the ship! I loaded the mission from the last checkpoint many times and also I restarted the whole mission 2 or 3 times BUT THE STUPID SHIP IS ALWAIS UNTOUCHABLE!!!

    So, can someone help me with the "ghost ship" problem?

    EDIT - I forgot to post my PC specs:
    Intel Celeron @ 2.4GHz
    2x256Mbt RAM
    nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT @ 128Mbt
    Windows XP SP3 is the OS

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