Thread: single player no sound after few mins.

single player no sound after few mins.

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    single player no sound after few mins.

    Need some help please. About 15mins in to single player I have no sound. AT ALL... Need to restart pc to have sound again. Only time I had trouble with sound in a year(since oc was new). I have amd 3800, 1g mem, 2 7900gs, SB live 24bit. Newest drivers, I tried default settings in game options to enable software, and eax. No fix yet. On my other pc(dell dimension 8500 w/intel P4) onboard audio has no issue. Thanks guys. Good game, could use more maps. sp skirmish....

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    My specs are simular to yours. I also had that problem. Once you complete that mission or the next one the sound comes back.

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    The sound did come back. Till battle of coral sea. Then droped again. I mailed my dxdiag to support, maybe a patch help down the road, or expansion pack..... If i am not only one then I fell better. Old sound card, new game...

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