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Tournament ladder:

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    Tournament ladder:

    Well, i started to programm a bit and and made ladders for BFME2, RotWk,C&C3:Tiberium Wars and now im almost done with a ladder for Battlestations Midway.This ladder will be ready very soon (one of these days). This is the first time the site is being promoted, so right now my only member is my son

    My site is almost operational, it is online, but is completely in Dutch. However, the complete Battlestations Midway will be supported in English. After completing the last detaills for Battlestations Midway i will transform the complete site into English.

    What does my site offer:

    -Complete clansupport, up to 4 players. This will be brought up to 8 players.
    -Own public clanforum and own "private" clanforum.
    -Clanwars and clanrankings along with non clan players. So its kinda mixed.

    I could also use some members who would like to moderate the Battlestations Midway section/other games, as i have to much work to do already.

    So feel free to join us.

    Electronic Assasinations Crew

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    Great! Finally someone took the step to make a real community site for battlestations. Im sorry to say that Im not good at programming, but as soon as the site comes up I will join!

    Great job!

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    Be sure to PM keir with the link when you are ready.

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    Thanks for the very nice responses.

    I already PM-ed Keir with some information and asked him if we could organize a great tourney soon. Very soon as im almost done programming.

    Any volenteers to moderate some forumparts and help me out there?


    *UPDATE: just changed the complete site to English. Still have some (more) programming testing to do.

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