Thread: Problem with Multiplayer

Problem with Multiplayer

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    Problem with Multiplayer

    Hi All
    Just bought the game and installed it, but I am having trouble reistering/logging on to Gamespy. I keep getting the message that my e-mail has already been registered and that my password is wrong. How can I resolve this? How do I get hold of gamespy? I don't know if I did something wrong.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I'm having the same exact problem. I even regesitered a new account and it wont except. WTF!

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    yeah guys, don't mean to bust your bubble but battlestations is suffering a myriad of problems right now and Eidos is having problems with damage control.

    But the end of this week hopefully we should have some patch news, as it was announced almost a month ago, and yeah, I can't play mp either.

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    I've never had a game that encountered so many problems. It' took me 2 weeks just to figure out how to get the game running!

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    oh yeah well there were plenty of worse games just goto the rainbow six vegas forums theyve had to "crash" the forum to get rid of all the complaints lol

    This isnt so bad, the gamespy issue has been discussed b4, just make a new account , if by recovering your pswrd it doesnt work. Create a new hotmail account then create a new gamespy account if your old one refuses work.

    Also if your using gmail, heres a little trick to give you unlimited email addresses

    eg. your email is to have a new email address sent to your bob inbox you do this..

    these will all act like seperate emails, but wind up in the same account.

    If youve created a new account and it still doesnt work, then uninstall the game, download and install the demo login/create a new account for the demo, check that you can play the demo. If it works then install the game in the same directory in a folder called Full Game. Once thats done the full game will automatically import your gamespy/demo config settings to the full game.
    hope it helps

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    Ok, i figured it out after just researching some of the previous posts on here. Make sure you put your first name(the name you used to register on into the unique spot on the game log in for multiplayer. Hope it works for you guys.

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