Thread: lagging controls help sought

lagging controls help sought

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    lagging controls help sought

    This looks to be a great game.Best since b17 mighty eighth. Cut sean vidios are great quality.Trouble I have is time lag on controls make the game vertually unplayable. Am using keyboard control. My computer specs are 2.8 intel celeron 768 ram radion 256 graphics. Only thing I havant got is winxp 64bit. Could it be this considering the vidios and game graphics appear perfect.Any help would be much appriciated

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    If you're playing the demo, it's probanly just lag, and you should try hosting a game yourself.

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    We could do with a bit more info on your system.

    main thing to look at is your graphics card. what model radeon is it? e.g. 9200, x800 etc

    Also how long have you had your machine, a recent celeron should be ok (i think) but one from a year ago or older might not cut it.

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    Havant tried multiplayer yet trying to get solo right first. Did,nt realize there could be a vast differance in old or new proccessors thought 2.8 was 2.8. Have they uprated the cache on the later ones or something.Have full game not demo.Probably need to update graphics card its 9250 got enough ram but I guess thats not all there is to it.I spose what I,m also trying to get at has anybody else got the full version of this game up and running well and on what specs,then I,ll know whether an upgrade is worth it at this presant time.

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    I have an amd 64 3200 with a gig of ram and an x800 ati video card and the game runs flawlessly on high settings.

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