Thread: New Things Needed Urgenty!

New Things Needed Urgenty!

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    New Things Needed Urgenty!

    Mission Editor:
    We so need a mission editor. So many units and now way to use them all.

    More Multiplayer Maps:
    We so need more maps. I am already bored of all the maps.

    New Online Lobby:
    I mean come on, for the love of god what is with the Lobby. Its crossed with the demo user's?!?!?!?

    P.S. Can we also get the option to play with the HMS Fleet and SQN's?

    P.S. If theres a problem with my 'Sig' would you care to tell me what it is please?

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    Signatures must be no larger than 150 pixels high x 450 pixels wide and have a file size no greater than 30KB. This size restriction applies to pictures and text. There can only be two lines of text included with picture that is the maximum height of 150 pixels. No signature picture can infringe any copyright. That means you should not use copyrighted material unless you can prove you hold said copyright or proof of permission from the copyright holder. Public domain pictures are acceptable. Do not have any signature picture that contains any material that is deemed inappropriate. A forum moderator or admin will have the final determination as to what is appropriate.
    Just stay within the size and KB limit and all is good. Looks like you are just a hair over on it.

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    Skirmish or Instant action

    This game really needs a Skirmish or Instant action mode, The 1player is just not great without it.... sure its fun at first , and i love the gameplay. But trust me , with the very little things they let you do. This game is going to have really poor replay value really soon, Hell , I beat the game last night and im already like .... what the hell do I do now. and dont say try it online, Not everyone has that ability whenever they want. and for Eidos to think that just online play is *GOOD ENOUGH* that is just so stuped.......... come on Eidos, make me proud to have bought this game

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    i REALLY want to see some SMS ships, along with some more British. Their own FLEET would be nice, they weren't the same as the americans as portrayed in the game. The HMS Exeter, the heavy class cruiser is NOT an american ship. Neither is the DeRutyer class

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    The Battlefield 2 series is a great success. Several updates and even a further release BF 2142. Yet it ONLY plays on-line. And costs more (for PC) than Battlestations: Midway.

    An on-line only game can be good - however in my opinion BS:M is a bit in the "nowhere land" - it is too skinny for being a single player title and the on-line component is terribly poor - just to mention the fact that there is no dedicated server mode which is a shame alone...

    There is a LOT MORE in this idea and concept and I hope the developers are going to recognize it. If it stays like this for me it remains an average strategy flavored action shooter - still good but won't make me keep playing it for years just like Counter Strike or StarCraft.
    Like a pop in the hot summer - drink it, enjoy it, cools you down for a while and then everything moves on...

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