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    Guys will there be a forum dedicated BM stategy? It would be nice to get it started since the game it out.

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    Here's a tip

    Shoot PT boats with AA guns

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    Don't attack the Yamato with a destroyer

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    Ummm I figured that out on my own, LOL! I have had my head peeled going against a BB with DD. . I was thinking more on grouping ships and different naval tactics. I dont know if this pertains more to multiplayer than single though.

    Just curious

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    Battle of Samar

    Was playing as Yamato (match was 2v2) put ships in this formation

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~D Y D ~~~~~~~~~~~~


    The US carriers went to link up and I meet em both in the middle. But thought the formation protected me well from the torp planes. The crusier's supposed to be directly in front, and the ~ represent the ocean and the fact that the forum keeps putting all text to the left, even when I space it out

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    I've been wondering about tactics for formations. Seems like you should adjust them to the situation for better results. For instance, with a squadron of Fighters....

    1)...attacking enemy Fighters, they should be in a tight grouped pattern where they can cover one another. (this is prob good for CAP too)

    2)... attacking enemy Bombers, they should be spread out in a rough line for maximum firepower.

    Of course there are countless books written on the subjects of aerial and naval tactics.

    EDIT: I just realized you can't control plane formations... oh well.

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    Originally Posted by justice7
    Don't attack the Yamato

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