Thread: Best Multiplayer maps and strategies?

Best Multiplayer maps and strategies?

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    Best Multiplayer maps and strategies?

    Well seeing as the brits are 1 week behind you americans and me personally will be 2 weeks behind(as i order from asia as its cheaper), i was wondering what the multiplayer maps are like in the game? 1)which are the better ones? 2)are they much bigger? 3) does the radar/map 'visual' range still cover the majority of the map? 4) most importantly are there some good strategies which people are using in order to win (just so i dont end up losing constantly when i end up playing americans whove had the game longer and have the strats down pat)-ps please dont say kill the shipyards/other units cos i know my question is open to sarcasm?

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    Well, I can't help you too much yet because all I've been able to do is look at all the MP scenarios and I haven't played yet. However, it looks like there's a fair variety among the scenarios for different types of games.

    For instance, the Solomon Islands demo map is the only one where everyone just starts with unit-producing facilities (shipyards, airfields, etc). A few scenarios have everyone starting with two ships and you can't build another if you lose one. Others will have a carrier or two on one side, or a shipyard that only has a bunch of PT boats. One is air only where everyone just has fighers and the Americans need to escort B17s in for a bombing run. Only one scenario has the Yamato, and if it sinks the Americans win so you can't pump out a second.

    Usually the goal is to eliminate the other sides vital targets (carriers, BBs, airfields, shipyards, etc). There are a couple that are different though.

    Unfortunately, just by looking at the maps I wasn't really able to determine if any of them were larger or smaller. I'll have to actually play it to figure that out.

    I hope that whets your appetite for a bit. I'll be back once I have some actual gameplay experience. ;^)


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    ty for the info Corvall, its appreciated

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    I only played 2 mp maps last night. One was cool and the other wasn't much fun. I played as Americans both times. The one I didn't like just wasn't a challenge. I had fighters that were supposed to escort the bombers to destroy an airstrip. Not any strategy and after 3 tries, he couldn't come close to stopping them from bombing. Furthermore, I only had access to two squads of fighters and only option was dogfight.

    However, the second map was cool. You face off 8 on 8 ships that are mixed BB and DD with an island in the middle. You also start very close and have to do some quick maneuvering to try and take advantage of mismatches. I started off sending 4 wide each way to make him commit. Then I tried using the island in the middle as a torpedo screen. It worked pretty well. Granted, we only played once and I am sure my friend would have adjusted tactics in the next game. It ended up with me having 3 ships to take out his final one. I had 2 DD sandwhich his BB and firing torps. I kept my BB way back so I could swoop in at the end. He got one of the DD's and the other one was going down when he sank. No doubt my full strength BB would have taken him, but he put up a heck of a fight and I thought had both DD's down when a torp must have hit a sweet spot cause he lost a lot of ship at the end with one hit.

    I think the strategy level will be dependent on maps. Some will be more RTS than arcade and vice versa. It kind of was cool to be able and just go dogfight. However, that isn't really why I bought this game.

    The single player I am having fun with. You can make it short or long depending on how much you try to accomplish of secondary and hidden targets. Some of the missions are too easy if you don't try to do "more". However, I am stuck on a level now and it is only like the 4th mission. There is some major strategy involved in this level, but I haven't figured it out yet after a few tries...

    I really enjoyed the demo and am having fun with the 360 retail version. Grabbed the last copy at Gamestop yesterday at 3pm after checking 3 other places[/url]

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    that 2nd map you mention sounds quite good. i was kind of hoping thered b mention of huge maps with shipyards.

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    Some of the maps do have shipyards.....

    These are all the Multi-Player Maps:

    Air Superiority at Luzon
    Steel Monsters
    Battle of Vella Gulf
    Battle of the Philippines
    Islands of Solomon
    Battle of Samar
    Battle of Surigao Strait
    Battle of Corol Sea
    Operation MI

    That's about all I know about them. I think they get more complex as you go down the list- the first two are pretty simple, the last one is epic. I haven't played much online yet... I can't wait till someone makes an online FAQs.

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