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    Exclamation Wow.

    I've played the demo more then 24 hours (infact ive played the game for 12 hours straight one time).

    I have encountered 0 bugs, this game is incredibility amazing and I congratulate eidos by coming out with such a great game.
    I like how you setup the lobbies, they are great with admin features.

    Some things I would like to see in the future of this new franchise:
    Attack & Defend
    Sandbox Mode
    Your team VS AI (multiplayer)
    COOP Missions

    Thankyou for this game, it's a real treat and I will have to pick it up soon

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    i'm glad i'm not the only one in these forums who can play the game. everyone always talks of how they can tconnect and all. i have never had any problems with this game. and those suggestions are good. i'd maybe add an expansion for the second half of the war, post midaway to okinawa(spelling?). you would get hellcats, corsairs and a lot of good ships such as the might mo. hope they make an expansion.

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