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    Can I just say how amazing this new kind of RTS/Simulation is. Its not only good for this game but its opening a huge door for other games. I wouldnt be suprised if we see a Star Wars, Star Trek, Modern Day Warfare and other type of games with this whole new gaming engine.

    For the forth coming game (Battlestations Midway) we would like to announce that are recruiting.

    We offer:

    24/7 Ventrilo Server.
    Americas Army Honor Server 28 Slot.
    CS:Source Ranked Server 26 Slot.
    BF2142 Ranked Server 20 Slot.

    Games also supported:

    Silent Hunter Series.
    Star Trek Legacy.
    Final Fantasy 11.
    World of Warcraft.
    Command & Conqure Series.
    Star Wars Galaxies and Empire at War.
    Dawn of War.
    Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth.
    Lord of the Rings Online.

    Feel free to visit and click About Us. Feel free to browse the site.


    If you wish to join us and play this amazing new game with friends please click on our forums and reply to the section 'Recruitment'.

    P.S. If theres a problem with my 'Sig' would you care to tell me what it is please?

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    is this allowed here ?

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    Since he is supporting BM and the primary post is about BM I would think so although he should have used the clan thread.

    Found here.