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Thread: More Historical/Technical Errors

More Historical/Technical Errors

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    Originally Posted by Gridbug
    I too have noticed many historical and factual errors in this game.

    * Ranges in the game are much shorter than in real life. Carrier battles usually took place with 4 or more hours flight time between the opposing forces. In game, it rarely takes longer than 2 minutes. This is unrealistic and spoils the game's enjoyment for me.

    * In real life, fighter planes fly at altitudes of up to 20,000 feet. In game, it is impossible to fly higher than about 5000 feet.

    * When flying at high altitudes, temperatures inside a plane's cockpit would drop to near freezing. Even when flying at maximum altitude, the temperature inside my bedroom holds at a steady 20 degrees Celsius.

    * The Renown-class Battlecruiser had a crew of around 1000 men. I have counted the little men walking around on the ship, and I can only see 20 or so. I very much doubt that there are 980 more little men hiding inside.

    * To test the above hypothesis, I opened the in-game model using Lightwave. To my surprise, I discovered that all the ship models are completely hollow inside. A real-life ship would have many partitions and floors inside, dividing the ship into areas such as engine room, ammunition stores, fuel tanks, ward rooms, mess halls, food stores, toilets and sleeping quarters. None of these were present. I also was able to confirm that there were not 980 little men hiding inside. This is probably for the best, as they would have nowhere to eat, sleep or expel waste matter, nor would they have a floor to stand on.

    * In the game, the Player views his ship, plane or submarine from an external view, by my estimate from a point on a circular orbit some 100 yards or so away from the vehicle. In real life, the person controlling the vehicle would be sitting inside it, looking at the outside world through a window or periscope. To replicate the external view seen in this game, the captain of a ship would have to be tethered to a helium balloon attached to the ship, with crew men pulling him around to achieve the circular orbit. He would also need some form of communication to tell his officers what he wanted them to do, which would probably have been either via semaphore or else by static telephone line at this time of the war. I do not think this would have been an effective way to command a ship.

    * Going back to the little men for a moment, I examined the model closely and discovered that all the little men look exactly the same. This would not be the case in real-life, as there is only a 1 in ~1,000,000,000 chance that any two crew members looked the same. Unless they were identical twins of course. However, from my reading on the subject, I can inform you that the only ship in the US Navy on which identical twins served was the USS Missouri, and that was not in service in the time period covered by this game. I do not have access to IJN service records covering this period, but I cannot imagine they had significantly more genetically identical crewmen serving on their ships.

    * Finally, I noticed that when you crash a plane or your ship is sunk in this game, you are able to change to control another ship, plane or submarine. In real life, you would be dead if your plane crashed or you were in a ship which sunk (unless you were lucky enough to be trapped in an air pocket and the ship settled in shallow water, in which case you would remain alive in a stinking, dark, wet little cavity until your air ran out and you died. In fact, this doesn't sound so lucky after all). In real life, if you die, you are permanently dead from that point on. To simulate this, the game would have to immediately stop if you crashed a plane, and you would never be able to play it again. Also, the game publishers might send a coffin to your house and insist that you sleep in it from then on. I would not be able to do this, as I have quite severe particle allergies, and the wood dust would give me sneezing fits. Also, my Mom would be really mad, as she says my room is untidy enough as it is, and she thinks coffins are morbid.

    To conclude, I have to admit that I quite like this game, and would give it 7.75 out of 10. However, if the above points were addressed, it would definitely make it a 10 out of 10 for me. I would be happy to act as reality consultant on the sequel to this game if the developers want me to, as I think I have an excellent grasp on what is and isn't possible in reality, and I think this could really help Eidos Hungary improve their future games.
    um, funniest post I've ever read.

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    Originally Posted by ShinRa Inc
    Yamato was built with the setup seen ingame. After Midway, it was refitted to remove the Waist 6.1" turrets and beef up the AA armament to the levels you're thinking of.

    It's also worth noting that the Northamptons had a Torpedo battery. (:

    Furthermore, the 5"/38 guns on the US Carriers were Dual-purpose, not dedicated AA. Likewise, the Japanese carriers retained modest self defense armaments.

    I could rattle off a bunch of other stuff, but given the reactions elsewhere in this thread, I don't see much a point to it.

    The game is fun and enjoyable the way it is, but keeping things a bit more accurate would've have hurt much, nor taken much effort to implement.

    That being said, should Eidos want a Naval consultant for future patches/games, I'd be willing to do it for free. :P

    Thanks for the catch on the Yamato, my brain has a tendency of shutting down after work. I forgot about the time period for this game.

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    While I certainly don't expect absolute historical accuracy, some things are a little unforgivable. For example:

    Sinking the Fuso and the Tone so early in the war. Fuso didn't sink until 1944 in the Battle of Sarigao Strait. Tone WAS sunk by an air attack at port, but that was in Hiroshima Bay, in 1945.

    The ships listed in the game as New York class are incorrect. The only New York class ships were the New York and the Texas. It would have been more accurate to model the Pennsylvania and Nevada classes instead.

    The Houston didn't suffer severe damage until 1944.

    Phoenix was unharmed at Pearl Harbor.

    This is all just basic stuff, I could really tear apart the game if I wanted. So far these have been the most glaring mistakes. Its one thing to make a game, but a whole nother one to make a game about history that has glaring historical mistakes. I wonder just how much research the dev team even did.

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    The Houston sank at the Battle of Java Sea, I think you'll find, which was 1942.

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    Originally Posted by Gridbug
    The Houston sank at the Battle of Java Sea, I think you'll find, which was 1942.
    Ah, you're right, there was a second Houston.

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    From another post about the Pearl Harbour level;
    However...Texas and New York were on the East Coast until after Normandy, so I'm not sure why Texas class is in the game, when they could've gone with one of (or all) the BBs actually at Pearl, instead of just reusing and relabeling the New York model all over that level...

    Furthermore...Vestal was a Repair ship, not another Battleship.

    Pennsylvania should be behind Cassin and Downes in the drydock

    Utah, Raleigh, and Detroit are missing from the other side of Ford Island

    Phoenix was a Brooklyn class, not Atlanta (Could've used the Cleaveland model, at least). Furthermore, Phoenix didn't sink until 1982, while serving in the Argentinian navy as General Belgrano, during the Fakland's war.

    Helena was Brooklyn class CL, not a DD. Oglala was a Minelayer (use one of the AK models), not a CL

    New Orleans was the class ship of Cruisers, not a Battleship

    Argonne was an Auxillary (AK), not a CL

    Sacramento was a Gunboat, not an Atlanta class CL.

    Also, there's a lot of ship's wandering around that should've been tied up (Dobbin, Ramapo, a Sub), instead of the ships actually on patrol (Ward, Helm, Monaghan, etc).

    And it took me all of about 5 minutes to research / verify my memory on all that.
    As already noted, Houston didn't survive Java. Fuso and Yamashiro survived until Surigao Strait.

    Couple other additions, again, with about 5 minutes research;

    Cleaveland class shouldn't even be in the game; the first ship didn't comission until a few days after Midway. Should be the Brooklyn class.

    Similarly, the Fletchers a bit early, but not by much.

    As someone said, sending two Destroyers after the Convoy at Balikpapan is a bit odd; Would've been a perfect mission for a Sub, tho.

    Haruna wasn't sunk at Java, but was destined to be bombed at port at the end of the war.

    Seems odd that the old V-boats (Narwhal class) are in the game, considering they were large, obsolete, and relagated to special missions (Minelaying, troop transports), as opposed to the mainstay subs of the war; the Gato class. However, Nautilus was at Midway, and fired a Torpedo at Kaga during the battle.

    Most of that's just nitpicking, and I've enjoyed the game, but it does seem an extra hour or two of research could've helped the game immensely.

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    There are several historical errors that I have noticed, mostly in the Pearl Harbor level since that is a major area of history that I have researched. However, I am pleased that the developers did include many things most other games do not. Overall, they did a pretty good job with the Pearl Harbor attack and it is one of my favorite levels. Sometimes I don't even fight back, I just drive around and watch things unfold. It can be pretty eerie sometimes.

    In the end, most developers throw random ships into a bad rendition of Pearl Harbor and market it. There is a game coming out soon called Attack On Pearl Harbor that has players flying F4 Corsairs against Japanese planes over the Pearl Harbor attack and all the battleships are just models of

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