Thread: Nosgoth's Closed Beta: Details & Instructions

Nosgoth's Closed Beta: Details & Instructions

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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Nosgoth's Closed Beta testing program is underway!

    WHAT & WHY
    Whilst in Closed Beta, Nosgoth won't be feature complete and may present bugs. This is an important phase for us to gather feedback about the state of the game. This feedback will be used to help guide development on fixes, updates and new content. We appreciate your support and patience during this phase while we are working hard to make Nosgoth a better experience.

    We're currently enabling applications from gamers in North America and throughout Europe, all of whom are now eligible to take part in the Nosgoth Closed Beta!

    Subscribers need to whitelist the confirmation e-mail address to ensure they do not miss out on access keys.

    HOW & WHEN
    If you have been successful in your application to take part in the Closed Beta for Nosgoth, you will have a received an e-mail with the subject line Nosgoth - Closed Beta Access Granted. This e-mail contains a clickable link that will provide access to the game (as well as to our private Closed Beta forums).

    Please also remember to report your gameplay feedback and suggestions, as well as reports on any bugs and glitches, over in the Private Closed Beta Forum. Access to this section of the forum is automatically granted upon successful entry to Nosgoth's Closed Beta testing program.

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