Thread: Server not available...

Server not available...

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    Server not available...

    my problem isn't connecting to gamespy.
    That just go well and when I click to join a server there stands that the server is not available.. :S
    when I try to make own server bm just shutdown...
    I tried everything like opening all ports and firwall shutdowns and gamespy arcade but it just won't work..

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    when it says Server is not available just click ok then click join game then find another server.

    Things to look out for!

    Make sure the Ping is not 0! if it is then you will get that message (not available)

    find a game that has less then 200 ping, less then 150 is better and less then 100 is great.

    if alot of people try to join a server at once then the game might "stall", wait a bit and it will come back.

    keep trying. and keep an eye on the server ping that is the key.

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