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Thread: "The Zero Killer"

"The Zero Killer"

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    Ya Zero should own a wildcat

    Ya your right though .. a Wildcat would be no match for a Zero. Not that im really complaining... it would not be to much fun if it was unbalanced. BUT people should not use this game as a history lession.

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    Originally Posted by unurkan
    Dogfights on the History Channel must be the MOST biased TV show I have watched in a long time. Has there been a single episode where Americans do not shoot down their opponents left and right? Nope! Instead, they have Wildcats and Hellcats shooting down Zeros like crazy. And the show completely neglects to do an episode on some of the Japanese aces who, mind you, had many times the kills that the Americans had. Same goes for the Germans.

    For every American hero, the Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese, also had one and they get completely neglected.
    Let them get their glory on Japanese and German Shows.

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    I agree unurkan i tired of seeing all about the americans and how they did during the war amybe i wnat to see the japanese heros or the famous germon aces of the the skys and they probly tell more truth then those americans history channels.

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    Zekes vs. Wildcats

    From what I remember, the Zero had a superior maneuverability and could out turn the Wildcat. But the wildcat had the speed advantage and could out dive the zero. So they required two totally different types of flying and tactics to beat the enemy.

    Weird on Wikipedia. I don't really trust it. Too easy to post anything you want there. Certainly not peer reviewed. But okay in a fix.

    By the way, I am an American, and I am tired of some of our crap programming too. Okay. Okay. We are beginning to cover conflicts in a less biased way. But there is still crap "we kicked their asses" programming out there that serves little or no educational value and is just patriotic gobbeldy goop.

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