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    The review really praised midway for doing so many things well, even going so far as saying the flight controls are as good (if not better) than blazing angles! Most notably is the 8.5 for gameplay with the only real con being that it has a steep learning curve and a boring tutorial.

    On a side not the the "another take" seems to bash the game a bit. Even contradicting things said in the main review: "ported-over PC controls that could use real streamlining on Xbox 360." and "seacraft that control with better accuracy and speed." (what was he expecting a massive ship to steer like? A go-cart?)


    Edit: Bah, Just found this posted in the general discussion forum. My mistake.

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    Yeah, that guy has no freakin clue.

    I think the slow movements of the ships actually increases the tension.

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    i think the first review was fair. He brought up some good points and seemed to be pretty unbiased but the second guy.... He is probably so used to playing Beachhead 2000 that any game that involves a degree of skill and tactics is too difficult to comprehend. I don't think the controls are that bad and i agree Memnoch, the slowness of the larger ships adds to the excitement.
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    There's nothing wrong with the controls.... except the "Press down this stick to look around" thing.

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    Originally Posted by Bazil
    There's nothing wrong with the controls.... except the "Press down this stick to look around" thing.
    ya that always gets me killed cuz ill accidently press it and go spiraling out of control

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    ported pc controls...ha ha ha. I can guarantee you that the pc review will say the exact opposite and bash them for being ported from the xbox 360.

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