Thread: If your having Gamespy issues Read HERE

If your having Gamespy issues Read HERE

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    If your having Gamespy issues Read HERE

    Download and install gamespy arcade if your having login problems (unique name does not exist, nickname expired etc etc), installing gmaespy seems to reactivate your gamespy ID,

    thanx to chips for the info

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    Hahahaha.. I had finished typing this
    If, when trying to go online and the gamespy reports Bad or outdated user name then be sure that gamespy arcade is on your system and check your firewall to make sure it is set to accept. Turning off the firewall will not work. If you don’t see Gamespy in the list then add it.
    But was helping some others and forgot to post it

    I also have this
    For people having issues on the game not starting when you finish installing or get an error message when trying to start the game about a missing .DLL file. Please reinstall the game and when given the option to install DirX 9.0c hit yes. Exiting out without installing seems to cause this issue.

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    Actually, all you have to do is register your name again by putting in the info and clicking register....UNLESS you have a invalid character in your name, such as _ or - etc.. If so you need to take those out and reregister.

    You also might have to open certain ports to get register to work,.... it froze my game until I DMZ'ed my computer. Then it registered fine. After registering I UN DMZ'ed my computer and it connects fine.

    My gamespy name was Scott_WAR, and it would not accept it. When I changed it to ScottWAR, leaving all other info the same, I registered (after DMZing) and have been good to go since.

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    1st post, yay. You have to use gamespy? Is there no in game browser or no way to host within the game?


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    i dont need game spy to see the games.. therefore i shouldnt need gamespy to play on them. there is another problem, maybe they will fix it.. or maybe not.. eaither way there seems to be more bugs with multyplayer with this game than there is game...

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    I did get on line using gamespy arcade but had a hard time trying to connect to game. PC version not working very well.

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    I have GSA 2.0 on my computer because I need it to play C&C: Renegade. I will try to add it to XP's firewall allow list.

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    installing gamespy2 reactivates ur old account or allows u to create a new one if ur having problems with the menu in the game, after ur done just uninstall gamespy. u DONT need it, its just a quick fix

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