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Thread: Exact Time for PC Demo

Exact Time for PC Demo

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    Next Formation E
    Previous Formation Q
    Next Unit X
    Previous Unit Z
    Command Menu F
    Show Map M
    Pause P
    Multiplayer Chat TAB
    AIR/Pilot Mode Plane Control
    Pitch Up Mouse Axis Y+
    Pitch Down Mouse Axis Y-
    Roll Left Mouse Axis X-
    Roll Right Mouse Axis X+
    Speed Up W
    Slow Down S
    Rudder Left A
    Rudder Right D
    Fire Mouse Button 1
    Bomb Mode Left Shift
    Mouselook (click) Left Ctrl
    Toggle Zoom/AA Mode Mouse Button 3
    AIR/Mouselook Control
    Mouselook Up Mouse Axis Y+
    Mouselook Down Mouse Axis Y-
    Mouselook Left Mouse Axis X-
    Mouselook Right Mouse Axis X+
    AIR/AA Mode Plane Control
    AA Pitch Up W
    AA Pitch Down S
    AA Roll Left A
    AA Roll Right D
    Look Up Mouse Axis Y+
    Look Down Mouse Axis Y-
    Look Left Mouse Axis X-
    Look Right Mouse Axis X+
    Camera Reset N/A
    Zoom Toggle Mouse Button 3
    Zoom In Mouse Wheel -
    Zoom out Mouse Wheel +
    Fire Mouse Button 1
    Speed Up W
    Slow Down/Reverse S
    Steer Left A
    Steer Right D
    Repair R
    SEA-LAND-AA CONTROLS/Submarine Control
    Dive X
    Emerge Z
    SEA-LAND-AA CONTROLS/Weapon Control
    Weapon: AA 1
    Weapon: Artilery 2
    Weapon: Torpedo 3
    Weapon: DC 4
    Next Weapon Left Shift
    Previous Weapon: Left Ctrl
    Airbase/Shipyard Mouse Button 2
    COMMAND CONTROLS/In-game Menu Control
    Menu Up W
    Menu Down S
    Menu Left A
    Menu Right D
    Apply Enter
    Back Backspace
    COMMAND CONTROLS/In-game Unit Control
    Jump In G
    Target/Join Space
    Clear Target C
    COMMAND CONTROLS/Airbase-Shipyard Controls
    Launch/Land Mouse Button 1
    Launch and Attack B
    Cursor Up Mouse Axis Y-
    Cursor Down Mouse Axis Y+
    Cursor Left Mouse Axis X-
    Cursor Right Mouse Axis X+
    Map Zoom In Mouse Wheel -
    Map Zoom Out Mouse Wheel +
    Map Jump In Mouse Button 1
    Map Target/Join Mouse Button 2
    Map Clear Target Mouse Button 3
    Map Toggle Objectives O
    Map Give Unit G

    have fun !

    (Nav.) An armor-plated man-of-war built of steel and heavily armed, generally having from ten thousand to fifteen thousand tons displacement, and intended to be fit to meet the heaviest ships in line of battle.

    A small, fast, highly maneuverable warship armed with guns, torpedoes, depth charges, and guided missiles.

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    Originally Posted by sal0_kin
    No im English infact. From Essex (no Jokes )

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    Game won't run on Windows 2000 pro.

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