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Thread: New LoK games in the future

New LoK games in the future

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    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    Is it really that disrespectful to have another actor stand in for him? I mean they wouldn't be trying to replace Tony as a person, just taking over a job that he's no longer around to do. Sure it won't be the same without him, but it could still be a really good game.
    Honestly, I would consider it much more disrespectful to just abandon a series he contributed so much to before his end...

    Originally Posted by kuraudo88
    Yup, without BO1 background a Soul reaver reboot isn't a good idea. And a total reboot... I'm not sure if I want it
    How do you reboot just the middle of a series anyway? Seems like that misses the very purpose of a reboot.
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    Nosgoth: Aftermath

    Set in the time following Raziel's wrath upon his former brethren and departure into the past with Kain, but before Turel gets taken. You play the wraith of an ancient razielim that was put down but not physically destroyed, left for dead, back during the purge preceding the civil war. Accidentally released from this spectral dormancy at the start of this era. It is a struggle to survive and adapt in a time where the clans have been scattered to the corners and humans are once again on the war path. He or she seeks out what remains of the clans, the clan's lieutenants, what has transpired in the time of his or her dormancy to have caused all this, and (most importantly to this character) if any of the Razielim still survive.
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    Originally Posted by Sanguise23
    like a vorador game?
    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    That was one of the ideas myself and others have suggested a few times. IIRC, it was also Denis Dyack's first idea for a Blood Omen sequel before Soul Reaver was made.
    This. ^ So much want. I spend a lot of time wondering just what Denis had planned and how he meant for things to have been played out. I for one want to know more about the Blood Omen and pre-Blood Omen Nosgoth. There's just something about that era that captivates me. What about Vorador's back story? About some of the other vampires that lived in that time? I fear the closest I'll ever see to that is my own silly attempt at a fan-fic...

    Originally Posted by Vampmaster
    I think the shortest detour from the main story would be to play as a newly sired Lt Raziel with no memories of his Sarafan past, trying to work out "Who is this Kain?", "What is his plan for me?", etc. Raziel would know as little about Kain as the new players.
    As much as I'd be willing to give one or both legs to see the Vorador game *hint hint*, I would still find the idea of a game centered around a fledgling Raziel interesting enough to check out. On the one hand, that idea would probably draw in the highest number of fans (and fan-girls). On the other, perhaps a shift in the focus for the series wouldn't be a bad idea?

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    As much as I would love to see a continuation of the series [Defiance left ALOT of opportunities open for the story] and HD remakes of the old ones, I would also love to see /something/ done with the fantastic complex story of it all. They could easily pull off a book series from it...and I would read the piss out of them multiple times.
    That's the biggest shame of the series not getting any continuation...the loss of the story and the loss of the opportunity to see more into it. Books are much cheaper to produce [and much faster] and HUGE windows open up for being able to tell so much more of the story and go much more in-depth. I'm sure there would be a big interest even for those who have never played/knew about the LoK series.

    For now...I'm happy to have Nosgoth to somewhat fill that void. Atleast it's /something/ that has to do with the LoK universe.
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    Yes, i gotta agree with that.
    I also feel like there is so much in the LoK universe that could be explored.

    In one thread ("LoK merchandise" i think) i mentioned how cool it would be if they made a book about FAQ's and cool details about the LoK universe, as well as maybe the story itself...Like maybe explaining the "Lost City"(BO1), the monsters in BO1's map (like the serpent in the "Lake of Tears"), etc

    There is also possibility of many games, since there are a lot of era's that aren't covered...Like play as Vorador, after he became the first turned vampire; Play as vampire Raziel, helping Kain dominate Nosgoth (Kinda like what "LoK: Prodigal Sons" is doing); Or simply continue where LoK: Defiance stopped...

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    I hope they will

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    One way they could continue from Defiance is to restructure Dark Prophecy into two games. It was going to alternate between young and old Kain, but it might be easier for new fans if the young Kain part is done first as it's own game. He's fresh from BO1, so they don't need to know too much about the Soul Reaver games and Defiance at that point. The events of the other games can just be part of the prophecy that Kain (along with any new players) learn about as he goes along.

    Well, the whole redeemer and destroyer thing and the Hylden as his ancient enemy. At the start of Defiance he seemed to knew parts of his destiny already, just not the bit about Raziel being both champions or who would win. He could have known for a long time that he would have to destroy one of his own creations.
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    a restart of all Legacy of Kain would be amazing. I'd buy them all.

    Maybe by buying a restarted LoK:Soul Reaver would enable a gamemode in Nosgoth?
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