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Controls And How To Play

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    Controls And How To Play

    Ok ladies and gentleman here is the low down on how to play from start to here we go.

    Lets assume uve connected to a game....

    First off you need to select a player slot. U need to select one that has not been taken already. Once that is down then you need to press the B button to go back to lobby and READY UP. that should get u goin quick enough so that u wont get unecessarly kicked.

    So uve gotten into the game and it has started...

    IN GAME:
    Now depending on which PLAYER SLOT u chose u will start at ether a SHIP YARD or a AIRCRAFT CARRIER/FEILD - to deploy units you have to hit RB and u will see 3 hangars ( H ) you can then select your dogfighters - bombers - ship destroyers. now using the D-PAD up and down function u can edit the load out on each airplane as necessary. So u can send out at most 3 squads of 3 planes a peice - for the SHIP YARD u will see 2 ( H ) which can deploy 1 ship per ( H )

    now once the desired items are deployed you can move them two ways one is through the map using the BACK button and selecting units through the D-PAD L&R or moving the + over the desired unit and clicking the RIGHT ANALOG once unit is YELLOW meaning it is selected you can move it to a location by pressing the A button OR you can move it yourself using the LEFT ANALOG to increase speed and slow down and TURN L&R and using the RIGHT ANALOG to target and look around NOTE: SLOWING DOWN ON ALL VEHICLES INCREASES TURNING RADIUS & SLOWING DOWN IN DIVE CAN ALSO HELP PULL UP TO AVOID CRASHING

    now that you know how to move your ships why not attack your enemies the RT shoots your wepon no matter what you are piloting and the LT CHANGES your wepon on BOATS and SUBS it is a cycle wepon selection on AIRCRAFT it is a HOLD CYCLE which means u have to hold LT and then use RT to deploy
    Now you can also attack using the MAP simply selecting a unit and using the A button on the unit to be attacked you will see a red arrow meaning it will move in to attack also you can go into third person move your targeting cursor over the unit it will show a box around the unit click A then use X for commands and use the D-PAD to select ATTACK

    So those are the basics to get anyone started so that they can have a little fun right from the get go on the new BM DEMO now below are a few misc controlls that are handy and not well know


    Now everyone hates dying and being a spectator, and we have all seen the prompt that we can give units to players now to GIVE a unit to a ALLIED player DO NOT SELECT THE UNIT click the RIGHT ANALOG on desired unit that IS NOT SELCETED ie YELLOW a option box will appear and u select the person you want to give the unit to. NOTE IT STILL COUNTS TOWARD YOUR UNIT COUNT ie if you have 3 squads up in the air and you give one to a dead teamate the squad you gave them still counts as up in the air in the corresponding hangar

    The map can be used to control units and tell them where to go etc once in the map the RT & LT zoom in and out fully zoomed in you can see everything such as torpedos that have been fired airplane squads (3 plane group form) AA implacements etc. waypoints can also be set by pressing the A button then moving the + to the next location and pressing A again waypoints can be canceled using the B button NOTE: ATTACKING CANCELS WAYPOINTS

    To access advanced ship controls use the LB button now a lot of ppl are wondering what these are for this function is to stem off fatal damage there are red warning squares that light up when you sustain specific damage ie FIRE means theres a fire on board WATER means your ship is taking on water the COG means your engines are damaged the GUN means weps are damaged PLANE means flight deck is damaged now you can use the D-PAD to assign crews to STOP the damage and repair slightly BUT YOU CANNOT FULLY HEAL now alternativly if you add a crew to the FLIGHTDECK your planes will launch faster and if you put your crew on WEPS your weps will REALOAD faster

    now when you are piloting a vehicle there are red dots around the targetting cursor SOLID RED means out of range FLASHING RED means RELOADING GREEN means ready to fire YELLOW moving into position BLACK means gun destroyed PURPLE out of ammo

    The X button opens the orders menu where you can to a number of different things such as with a aircraft carrier select it to automatically send out fighters (AI FLIGHTDECK) NOTE that option only sends out fighters these are relativly self explanitory

    use the D-PAD to submerge sub there are 3 levels of depth 1 - parascope/torpedoes (Y button raises parascope/lowers parascope) 2 - Crusing (best for manuvering) 3 - Criticle Depth causes damage if down too long but avaids sonar and cannot be hit with depth charges

    Can be used on any ship use the LEFT ANALOG to ZOOM IN/OUT RIGHT ANAOLOG to look around NOTE you can fire weps in this mode but CANNOT adjust speed and direction

    While in the aircraft you can press the Y button to follow a dropped bomb to its target

    You can freelook by clicking and holding the LEFT ANALOG stick and moving it in desired direction

    You can make formations with multiple ships. First of decide which ship is going to be the ship that the other ships form around. once youve decided that then open the map using the BACK button then select the FIRST ship you want to add to the formation then while its selected press A on the ship it is to form around. That adds it to the formation. Now to position it what you need to do is go back to the game veiw press X and select formation now you can change the ships position around the ship it has formed up around

    So these are all the controlls to get you going and to make sure you know how to play at least so use them wisley and have fun. I hope this will help all of you to get ur game on.

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    not sure if this has been said yet but when dropping bombs/torpedoes you can also hold the right trigger an the camera will follow it in

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    Anybody know?

    Here's a good question.
    If i wanted to send 9 dive bombers to 1 target can i not just up the number in the first slot to 9 and have the other 2 slots free? I have tried before now but always ended up launching 3 sets of 3 and having to make waypionts for all 3 flights. If it is not possible to up the numbers in each slot in the demo, will it be possible in the game?

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    yeah i agree with u it should b able to support that option, ive tried it myself and it dosent wrk the max u can do is three, i think the only other ppl that could help would b the DEVs....hope they take a look in here

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    All crap directly or indirectly related to the flaming in this thread has been deleted.