Thread: I'm looking for a team/squad/clan to join!

I'm looking for a team/squad/clan to join!

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    ok we are recruiting over 1 week and the only application we received(half ) is VTROOPER's

    WHEN INTRESTED PLZ SEND A PM TO : M0n3y(me ) , Crazyhorse or Akagi

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    naby renalds wood be intrested and im the only one who asked

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    well if it's by me , ur in

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    we really need some members!!

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    ill join

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    well it's up to crazy (and akagi?) to decide
    6 -7 to go!!

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    I'll join your clan.

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    could you give your XBL name plz?
    and some skills

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    well i think the BS:M XBL community is going to be baren soon all XBL players are going to get halo3 in 6-5 days

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    Not everyone likes Halo... (though I do lol)

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    i don't like it much...
    bhut my brother likes it
    i think he's gonna buy halo 3

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    OT, we need more members people, pm me m0ney or Akagi

    -the -=)CSF(=- team

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    Originally Posted by crazyhorse128
    OT, we need more members people, pm me m0ney or Akagi

    -the -=)CSF(=- team
    your going to get in the 4-3 days befor halo3

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    we know

    bhut if someone really wanna join pm us or send a PM on xbox live to : money12(me)

    and crazyhorse bhut i don't know his gamertag anymore
    plz add it crazy

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    He'll post it if he wants...

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    well 1 week passed

    we have 1 "recruit" in CSF and that's elvisnewton...
    i was in on request from akagi to launch the xbox squad together with crazyhorse and another guy
    so we need atleast 4 more!

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    Thumbs Up Are Recruiting!

    News! Are Recruiting.

    1701 has around 50 active members both male and female, from all over the world with the majority coming from the United Kingdom and United States. If you want to become part of a close group of friends who enjoy the world of online gaming then look no further then 1701. With over 4 years of history, 1701 shares both the experience and skill of being a well maintained and fair play zone.

    1701 offer the following services free to all members:

    1) Ventrilo Server.
    2) Americas Army 28 Slot Honor Server.
    3) Lord of the Rings Online Kinship.
    4) Email.
    5) Forums.

    1701 play a large variety of games online which include the following:

    1) Americas Army.
    2) Counter Strike Source.
    3) Battlefield 2 & 2142.
    4) Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.
    5) Lord of the Rings Online.
    6) Silent Hunter 4.
    7) Battle Stations Midway.
    Dawn of War.
    9) Company of Heroes 1 & 2.
    10) Live for Speed.
    11) Pro Evolution 2008.
    12) Fifa 08.

    If your interested in joining 1701, then please visit our website at or our forums at and click on the 'Join 1701' link. Our only joining requirements are that you have a working Mic and are willing to use Ventrilo with the rest of your new Clan mates. Please be advised our joining process can take upto 72 hours. This is due to new security measurements because of rival Clans causing trouble (Clan Wars, you have to love them) and your normal day to day spam bots.

    On behalf of all 1701's members, 'thanks for visiting our home and we hope to see you again very soon'.

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    Is this Xbox or PC, this is for Xbox clans(this Thread).

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    Could use a clan or something to join, mainly for some tips and such. Not very good at ship-to-ship combat and I'm even worse at aiming torpedoes, but I figure I'm at least a half-decent pilot. I remember I beat Air Combat (the PS game) at age 6. =P

    And before anyone asks, yes, I'm actually 17, but I'm smart about it. =P

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    Why would we ask?
    Alos, did you put you GT in the thread?

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    I'unno. Age sometimes is a determining factor. *shrugs* And I did set up my GT. I'm also kind of on the PC.

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    ^^^ CSF needs YOU!!!!
    pm me or M0n3y

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    A link of some sort is always nice

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    its something like
    not sure though, (and you'll need some sort of translation device )

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