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    Come on people..

    please post your stories on your 'maiden voyage' in the demo.

    How did you carrier sink...

    how did you sub sneak attack fail..

    and so on... some people are dying for feedback!

    remember when you were alle shouting on Keir to give you the info you needed. let's see if YOU CAN DO BETTER!!

    I dare you!!

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    Thumbs Up Japanese Loss.............Personal Victory

    My first time out i was the last one to join the game and I was assigned the JAPANESE Shipyard with Battleships and Destroyers. I produced one of each and thus began my futile attempt to get my ships on proper course. My Battleship (forgot class) started going in circles right infront of my Shipyard, hilarious! Then my Kubuki Class is launched and rams right into my Battleship!!! great stuff......... any way sooner or later i regain control of my 2 ship fleet and send them off to intercept a Destroyer i see heading for the islands. Keep in mind all this time my MIC is malfunctioning (unbeknownst to me) and im thinking my Japanese counterparts are simply not in the mood to talk with the likes of me! By the time my ships get into engagement range i've figured out how to work my weapon systems. My two ships engage and destroy the American Vessel, but to be honest I was just watching, I let the computer do all the firing. My "fleet" is then subjected to coordinated Air and Sea Attacks and I am swiftly eliminated. My first JAP counterpart quiter quits. I produce a B-class Sub and a Kubuki Class again. I tell the sub to attack the Battleship that previously destroyed me. Since the one guy quit I have access to one of the airfields, I launch 2 squadrons of ZEROs and 1 of the Dive Bombers. I tell the dive bombers to attack the Battleship as well. I have one Squadron of ZEROs protect my shipyard and the other to protect my Kubuki Class. I take the wheel of my kubuki class and go FULL STEAM ahead to one of the American CVs, the Enterprise i believe. Halfway there the other Airfield operator quits, so its 2 JAP vs 4 USA now. My sub and Divebomber attack was succesful but two American Destroyers slipped past the blockade of my partners fleet, theyve begun to destroy our Fields and Yards. I arrive at the USS Enterprise and begin to circle it like a shark cirlcling its prey. I pound it with every weapon system i can muster. It goes down under my own hand! I was so happy to have actually sunk a ship, even tho seconds later when it said GAME OVER, Japanese Loss..................i considered it to be a personal Victory.

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    i have to say, my first forray into naval battle was very successful. I was the Japanese shipyard and i built a Kone CA i think, but i just putted my way along till i got to the american shipyard and then cleaned up. Eventually by the end of the game i had sunk 1 CAs 1 DD 2 CVs 1 SS plus i had destroyed 1 shipyard and the miscellaneous stuff on the island like the fortress and LCT. Still undefeated for any who want to challenge me and wipe the smile off my face.

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    Had one battle that came right down to the wire - ended up with both shipyards and one airfield in ruins and the opponent had one shipyard left after I obliterated their air power( ).

    Had a BB and DD heading towards my airfield ready to pulverise it so I sent out waves of Judys and Kates and managed to sink the Renown but I couldn't hit the b**d DD with anything - anyone else find it hard to land a torp or bomb on them?

    The DD managed to slowly circle the airfield with bombs and torps whistling and streaking past it and used it's artillery to put my game over

    If I'd managed to sink it then I would have had a free run over to their shipyard with 3 waves of bombers, don't it make you sick?

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    my storys

    on the subjaect of subs i was the yorktown and suddenly out of nowhere a huge spray of water appears and i realize im taking on water and a moment later an anoying sub surfaces to see its results. i once was japan and used 2 bb to chage the enemy cariers and destroyed then went and wrecked there harbour witout losing a ship it was quite tight thought.

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    It was a warmer than usual morning in the south pacific on this day, as my Fleet began it's journey to thwart the American advance towards our island base. Above me I could see scores of friendly planes flying towards their destination, many of which would never return.

    This was my first true venture on the open seas as Captain...I died. I died again, and eventually I had to just watch from the heavens as my fellow Japanese Warriors died.

    But what the hell....I got at least 650 points in the end.
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    Whole group of people not paying attention on my 2nd game. My DD's went straight to teh carriers and sunk them both. Mwahahahaha!! scored 3000

    Another game I knocked a destroyer down to almost nothing then *RAMMING SPEED!*

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    My first game was an utter disaster. I was in charge of an American shipyard that was the absolute focus of my Japanese counterparts and being the noob that I am, I didn't stand a chance. I did get some good practice at damage control......

    Next mission (that went anywhere <curse you quitters>) I was in charge of the Enterprise and we CV's pounded the island on the west side with bombs. The Japanese fleet never got near us. we both ended up on the west end of the island so we could have shorter runs with our bombers and absolutely pounded the place. US Victory!!!

    I really like this game, but have found that comms are most essential for strategizing. This may become a problem as different strategies and personalities emerge, but it sure beats getting pwned by 8 year olds the likes of Cartman.

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    My first game i was us Sub and after doing very little throughout the game surfaced just behind the airfield and finished it off before 2 battleships could get there.

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    I really would like to read some AAR's (After Action Report) here. You know, write an imaginative story around a battle you have fought in the game using your imagination and creativeness. I've read AAR's for other games and some are really surprising and fun to read! Some are so well written you are immersed by the story and it's like you're really there.

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    Originally Posted by sick
    I really would like to read some AAR's (After Action Report) here. You know, write an imaginative story around a battle you have fought in the game using your imagination and creativeness. I've read AAR's for other games and some are really surprising and fun to read! Some are so well written you are immersed by the story and it's like you're really there.
    ahh see i would make one if the pc demo was out anyway, if you like them i do one, in time i suppose

    (Nav.) An armor-plated man-of-war built of steel and heavily armed, generally having from ten thousand to fifteen thousand tons displacement, and intended to be fit to meet the heaviest ships in line of battle.

    A small, fast, highly maneuverable warship armed with guns, torpedoes, depth charges, and guided missiles.

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    This was a battle that I just got done with.

    I had two subs at the time, and both were headed to the a enemy BB. After a lot of traveling I saw one more BB; so I made one of my subs go engage The ship(of course My sub was still underwater).

    After a long time of trying to hit him with a torpedo, I changed to my other sub to see how it is doing. My sub was right by the enemy ship(the ship was just siting there) so I launched some torpedo's at him, and the ship was done with.

    As soon as I had sank the that ship I changed to my other sub and engaged the other ship, Then after a while of attacking it I submerged because of the shallow water and died.

    Soon after that I got a cruiser and tried to find were he went. I found out that the enemy ship went around the island and sank our carriers, and then I followed him until I caught up with him. Then I took him out() and engaged the other ships and then I died, and after that we lost.

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    Nice stories! I myself would share a story, but I don't currently have time, 1 thing I will say, nothings better than 2 friends each with one shipyard, and me (you) with both airfields. Talk about teamwork!!!! OWNED!!!
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    in my first few games, there was too much lag, and my ships weren't accepting any control input, but after a while, i got into a good game, without lag
    in that game (i call it my first, because in the other games i had played it was too laggy to play, so i don't count those) i had control of the shipyard that made subs, i made a sub and put it in position between the shipyards and the enemy shipyards, when the enemy came he had 2 battleships and (i think) 2 heavy cruisers (might have been only one), i waited for the enemy to get close, when they were about 0.4 miles away they came under attack from planes from the carriers, and while they were distracted, i attacked the cruisers, hitting them with all 4 tubes, they went down, then i waited for the battleships, and did the same thing, and they both went down, the next time the enemy came, they brought destroyers, i sank a battleship but had a destroyer chasing me dropping depth charges, i quickly went full reverse and did a hard right, once i got out from under the enemy DD, i turned and fired, my torps, unfortunately they all missed, but the DD was sunk by planes from the carriers before i got me, i forget if we won or lost but it was fun for me, in the end i got 2 battleships, and a heavy cruiser
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    this was one of my first few games...

    i was a wildcat, with 5 wingmen, i flew patrol outside the jap island, and then we got hit by 18 incoming zeros, many of my wingmen were shot down before we even knew what happened, i flew straight up, did a controlled stall and came right down on top of a big batch of zeros, my first burst took 2 out... i was happy, i then got into a large mess of dogfighting, where i kept palying chicken with enemies, and i would shoot them down a milisecond before they got to me, and id dodge the wreckage just before a crash.

    today i sunk 3 BBs with 1 sub, (lol), then when i had no torps left, i went to their shipyard and went inside it and started shooting it with my deckgun, suddenly a battleship spawned on top of my sub, almost killing me and forcing me under the ship, i fired all my torpedoes into the belly, killing it almost instantly, then my kill count for that sub was 4 bb!

    after their shipyards were kapoots, i sent my sub over for minor AA around the island... it suffered a wave of kamakazi attacks... RIP good sub crew.

    oh, and joker... that was weaksauce... all my partners were complete noobs... i was yelling for my partner carrier to get planes in the air, my navy guys were spewing out fletchers when they should be gettin BB's... maybe u and me on team next time?

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    one question...u said u had no torps left but then u used all ur torps to take down a BB that spawned on top of u????

    maybe i didnt understand it...

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    I have an amusing story from a battle I had last night, this is but a miniscule part of the battle, but all I did the rest of the time was send wave after wave of Kate Torp bombers (to CV's) and Judy Dive bombers (to shipyards).
    The enemy sub was wreaking havoc amongst our navy, taking out a battleship and 2 cruisers. I had a single destroyer to command (thanks teammate, I was getting a bit bored with the planes!), and was planning to slip around to the east of their shipyards past the portly battleships, to raze the shipyards before they got a chance to retaliate. As my plan was coming to fruition, from the depths comes the Narwhal, doing its magic, hitting me with 2 torpedoes out of 4, despite my best efforts to evade. I immediately send all men to damage control, to stem the tide coming in our hull. I've tried using depth charges from a destroyer on those dastardly subs before, and didn't feel that great about my chances. Some quick thinking gave me my only option. I headed inland, to the shallow straight in between the two tiny islands to the east of the American shipyards. I look back, just hoping, and then there it is! the sub commander had gotten greedy, following me into the shallows, and had to surface, lest he run aground. I chuckled to myself as I let loose all hell on his lightly armored ship, blasting it into nothingness with my 5" artillery.

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    strange stuff

    In the lobby there was a lot of trash talk.

    Mostly about how the faster Zero was going to tear the Wildcat apart, and then some about how the Zero was just a flying piece of cherry pie waiting to be bitten into. As per usual, the game started, ( I was representing the Enterprise ) and both carriers began their slow lurch toward the south eastern island.

    I sent up two squads of Wildcats and one squad of Dauntlesses. My Yorktown ally did the opposite. The initial skirmish of 12 Zero's, 6 Kate's, 12 Wildcats, and 6 Dauntlesses was pretty hectic. I got my own little bit of combat in there and strangely enough we only lost 2 Wildcats and 1 Dauntless.

    All the Dauntlesses were set to move west of the Japanese Airfields then swoop in to take them out. Meanwhile, as far as I could see from the minimap the Kongo was stuck between a Renown and Fletcher, not literally but in their lanes of fire.

    I'm pretty sure that due to it's larger ordinance of naval firepower it limped away. Continuing south. To wrap it up, the Japanese finally took out our shipyards and we only took out one of their airfields.

    We had a single Renown guarding our two carriers and a submarine but it disappeared, not sure what happened. The Wildcats were dominating the skies and it seemed at a stalemate. Minus the fact the Kongo and the rest of the Japanese naval fleet were coming, relatively unhindered.

    The Enterprise and Yorktown were both sunk by a Type B, although I saw it submerge only after I began sinking.

    Fun game.

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    Our Japanese fleet had finally come up against some formidable competition in one particularly thrilling match. Near end game we had lost our shipyards and all but one badly wounded ship. They had one aircraft carrier and a seemingly endless supply of planes.

    All alone at sea with my Kongo class Battleship (which was being held together by duck tape at this point) I made a pursuit of their aircraft carrier which was circling around to the rear of their island. Though I was at full speed ahead for some time I was still far outside of range of even my largest guns. Meanwhile wave after wave of torpedo bombers were being launched against me slowly widdling away at my hull.

    "I need air support NOW!" I screamed into the mic. "They're on their way" I was told "Just hold out a little longer" I was told. As I peered out at the aircraft carrier and saw two more squadrons of bombers leave the ship I knew I'd mostly likely be sunk before my air support came. All I could do was pursue the carrier and man the anti-aircraft guns for all they were worth. If I was going down I was going to take as many of my enemy down with me and die with honor.

    Wave after wave of torpedo bombers came at my ship, I grited my teeth and lit up the sky with thousands of rounds of ammunition. There were too many of them and though I shot down 12 and counting I still had to bear witness to the few torpedoes that did get launched land into my hull plummeting my damage meter. Red lights were blinking all over my ship; flooding, fire, mechanical. I sent my men to every part of the ship trying to hold it together. Finally my air support came, a squadron of three fighter planes. "You only sent 3 planes!" I screamed to my mates. "Just hold out a little longer, we're are sending more but they'll take awhile to arrive." It was then I glanced to see yet another torpedo making it's way towards my hull. I looked at my damage meter which was barely visible and knew that this was the end. Hard starboard I command the ship but it was too late and the torpedo hit. I began to flood and sent everyman I could to repair the damage though I knew I was pretty much finished at that point.

    But wait, by the tiniest sliver my ship managed to stay afloat! I was still alive! Quickly I checked my long range guns on the carrier, green lights lit up telling me I was free to fire. I unloaded with everything I had into the aircraft carrier and waited impatiently for the cannons to be reloaded to fire again. I watched the aircraft carrier receive a direct hit, then another one! Aircraft about to leave the ship were being blown apart and the runway was in tatters. Then over my headset I herd "You are not going to believe this! You got another squadron of bombers almost on top of you." I decided to ignore them and focus on the carrier. Well within range I sent another volley it's way scoring numerous direct hits. The health of the ship dropped to zero and suddenly the battle was over. The carrier began it's decent into the murky depths.

    We won! Unbelievable! the whole battle latest about 45 minutes and was one of the most thrilling online battles I've ever experienced.

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    My best battle just happened. Me and a friend were controlling the two airfields, with a pretty good sub driver and a not-so-good BB driver. Me and my friend began sending waves of torpedo bombers and fighters, as is our tactic, at the carriers straight away. The Enterprise was sunk just before reaching the island but the Yorktown held on and managed to get behind the island with litte damage. So began a stalemate. For 45 minutes we launched wave after wave of planes in desperate attempts to take the shipyards down. The Yorktown driver parried each attempt with skill, shooting down 85+ planes and taking few losses. Eventually, with my friend's fighters and my torpedo bombers all gone, we managed to blow up the shipyards and get some bombers to him. In the end, we lost nearly 100 planes, but a submarine finally got through and sunk him.

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    Originally Posted by captainkolak
    one question...u said u had no torps left but then u used all ur torps to take down a BB that spawned on top of u????

    maybe i didnt understand it...
    Maybe he used his Aft?
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on." ---Robert Frost.

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    last night I played a 1 vs 3 game as the japanese. Took their yards down right of the bat, and had taken out a carrier with 6 groups of Torpedo bombers. Had to chase down the last Carrier but had him within 15 minutes.

    Entered another lobby with these guys afterwards and they booted me, heheh.

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    Big Grin now this was funny.

    Bump. anyways, I was playing the battle for midway (SP) and as soon as the recon plane found the enemy aircraft carriers I launched a huge attack force of B-17s, torpedo bombers, and pt boats against them. as soon as my B-17s were in range of the carriers I launched the bombs, but as soon as I launched the bombs i saw a enemy airplane go right under my B-17 and the plane blew up, it was so funny.

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