Thread: just cause for ps2 cheat codes??? anyone know any??

just cause for ps2 cheat codes??? anyone know any??

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    Question just cause for ps2 cheat codes??? anyone know any??

    hi everyone as you probly already know im new and it is my first post on de forums i want to ask if anyone knows any cheat codes for just cause on playsation 2?? so if u know any please dont hgesitate to let me know about them.

    kind regards lewys

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    As far as I know or what i've heard people talk about there aren't any for it that have been found currently. Or any that work anyways. There are always those fake ones out there. The games way to easy for codes anyways.

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    oh ty for your comment i wanted some codes to see if they would make the game a little more interestig thanks anyways it was much appreciated i did find a fake cheat aswell it was on it was to spawn a fighterjet but after a million tries it strill didnt work so thanks for the comment.

    kind regards,
    brother in gaming,
    lewys barry

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    can you help me.....!!!!

    I search for PS2 games codes ntsc/J

    If you knew a site or forum can help me with japaness games codes
    please help me


    thank you

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    why cheat what joy can you get out of it, i mean it no skin of my nose but i never get it why ppl cheat at pc game,poker and other money making games ya i get that but a pc/console game

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    you know whats funny the first just cause game i got was on xbox 360 and the funny thing is the 2nd one i got was for ps2 i got it at game stop the grafics suck and the system of the ps2 is out dated all though you should keep the ps2 for your kids if you plan to have any or already do im 14 and i have all the systems in this list most you probably herd of and some you probly didnt do to the fact the systems are so old here we got

    My list of systems
    -xbox 360
    -sega genises
    -nintendo SD
    -nintendo DS
    now for my arcade mechs
    -galactic invaders
    -misses pacman
    and thats all i can remember you see i inharited most of my games and systems but yet i still had to by the games as you can tell when i had my Ps2 hint hint i enjoyed it you see it broke becuse a 5 yearold decided to tinker with it and i found out llater he tryed to clean the inside with pinsole the xbox 360 still needs to get fixed and well it leaves big round scratches all over the discs the nintendos i ended up selling for mony when they were worth a lot of money the SD i ended up lossing on a plane to florida wonder if any kid found that SD the Ds i sold to to a friend the Psp i borrowed from a friend the atire has been sold to a local school called webster stanily the intelivision is hidin in my house because some kids and friends cant keep the greedy hands off of them intellivision was like one of the first systems to ever come out there for its worth a lot of money and as u can see i keep my arcade games in my man cave A.K.A basment as is i am a teen i am actually 14 years old -_- i grew up on a farm and i learnd alot i would give anything for that life back -_- but my family fell into hard times and sold the farm fact is i still hang out in my chiled hood home i used to breed horses as weired as it seems but we couldent keep up with the outcome on the farm because the income was to low and my mom dosnt know how to save money 1 Q is every woman like my mom were all they care about is mony i mean im gay and i know that shoping is expencive but i mean really how can women spend over $1,000 a day in u.s currency just going shoping

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