Thread: What happened to the updates

What happened to the updates

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    What happened to the updates

    I just was wondering if anybody knew what happened to all of the updates,

    I realize that everybody at eidos is working hard to get this released on time but it takes no mare than 2 min. to explain that there wont be updates for a while or what not

    Just thought i would ask and before everybody gets on me realize that i to appreciate all that they have done so far on the forums just dont why they abruptly stop chating with us

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    they are probably just busy, or they might not have much to say, also they may not have thought to say that they won't give us updates fo r a while, i am sure they have their reasons, until then we can just look at videos and see what we can figure out ourselves, because although the updates are nice, we don't need them, and we only have to wait about a month to find out everything we could ever want to know about the game (maybe even less if they release the demo soon) i'm sure they will get back to us and tell us what they can sometime

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    Originally Posted by chip5541
    what a gift that would be,

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