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Thread: Games Master Magazine Brings New Goodies! Wallpaper Included!

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    Games Master Magazine Brings New Goodies! Wallpaper Included!

    UK games magazine, 'Games Master' has an exclusive first look Tomb Raider: Annivesary.

    Tomb Raider Central bought the magazine and has some new high quality goodies for everyone to enjoy!

    We start with a wallpaper, in three sizes:

    1024 x 768
    1280 x 960
    1600 x 1200

    More goodies and high quality scans soon on Tomb Raider Central!

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    nice render... it's nice to see her boobs back. Not that they matter, but the first render I ever saw for this game made her look like a 13 year old boy with long hair

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    What do you mean. Her boobs the same. Its just the lighting that makes it looks huge. That one was made more to inphise on her bust.

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    Just to let you guys know we updated our Anniversary Edition section to include the new content... be sure to check it out

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    Bah, i just wish for a challenging and lengthy game experience this time..
    I would actually like it if they gave her a 36, to read the pathetic moaning on the forums. "Oh noes, her boobs shrinked and Lara no longer looks like a mix betwean an anorexic model and a silicon pr0n star!"

    Its impossible to have news posted about TR without having people talking about this stuff, the face, the butt, the makeup, the hair, the boobs... what about TR (the game) ?

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    wow.... such anger... i was just kidding around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychopompador View Post
    wow.... such anger... i was just kidding around.
    He's probably aggravated because most people aren't kidding around. People spend way too much time critiquing her looks rather than the game and it's game play. I mean it's not like you see people constantly complaining about Mario's mustache or Link's hat or Princess Peach's dress, or how many spikes Sonic the Hedgehog has.

    Of course none of them have T&A to the level Lara has, so I guess it's just hopeless. ::shrug::

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorin View Post
    Of course none of them have T&A to the level Lara has, so I guess it's just hopeless. ::shrug::
    Sorry for such a stupid question, but what exactly does the "T&A" stand for?

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    T & A stands for the level of tits and ass lara has.

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    I'll be adding this one to Tomb Raider Central shortly... sneak preview 4 u guys.. hope u like

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    I think legends one is hotter then this one.

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    I understand peoples frustration about the boobs thing with TR. I sigh out loud every time i see a thread made to discuss "them". I am a fan of that part of a womans anatomy, but this is just a game.. people do tend to get pretty excited one way or another over those pixels for whatever reason...

    nice work BTW, Laurence

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREEBLE View Post
    Sorry for such a stupid question, but what exactly does the "T&A" stand for?
    It's as Deadly47 put it. I'm no stranger to certain language in the presence of the right company in real life, but considering the nature of this forum and it's community, I was trying to avoid the use of that language. Figured people would know what T&A meant.

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    GAH Thank you

    And that upcomin WP - GASP !!!!

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    Also we both are aware that there is a equal amount of girls on thism fourm. We say sorry if what sorin or me said. I am just sweet to the point no bull.

    P.S Sorry for saying it so bluntely,also christmas is almost here and ill be able to play legends i got it for crhistmas i shoudl know i went chirsmast shopping. But I havent been allowed to open it. Also may some one make me a Legends userbard using the Xecalibure sword pic with lara holding it.

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    i know im a freak. lol

    i have a girl friend,but i want lara soo bad. lol

    she just keeps getting finer & finer. lol :P

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    That's awesome Laurence! Gimme that wallpaper NOW!

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    Smile We don't mention those skins here. On pain of sudden death. ;)

    I'm glad we all got that out of our systems. Thank you boys for realizing the fanbase is half girls, and acting accordingly.

    The wallpaper is really nice, the render is stunning. Thanks for bringing it to our attention here.
    "Ignorant people think it's the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain't so; it's the sickening grammar they use. --Mark Twain"

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    Guys lover her for her boob and tight ass.

    Girls love her cause she shows guys girls can do stuff to.

    I lvoe it cause of the mysterory romance drama action and the plot.

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    That is helping.
    The thing about Canadians is, they are very friendly people. But give them a hockey stick and they'll kill you.

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    Speakong of which they should have a onlien mode. It could be like 3 mods. Capture the artifact:

    Each team has a artiface of valuer which needs to be proteced.

    Oppiste teams want that artifact .

    You can use hand to hand comabt and guns.

    Alterd looking maps from singleplayer.

    Ablity to make your own exploer.

    DeathMatch should have the same thing. Just being a all out war.

    And the Race for the artifact should be 2 explosers going through a level to retrive the aritfact. Usinf there mind there cunninges and there smarts.

    If they cross by each other they could shoot them.

    Also as i siad costimzible explores so we dont have 20 laras in a bikni running around and what not.

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    Cool Tomb Raider Multiplayer

    Deadly47, I believe you mentioned in the past you have some skill in Halo (love that game). What you seem to be describing is Halo multiplayer. Somehow, "Team Deathmatch" does not suit Lara. If you want Team Deathmatch, I would play Halo.

    However, I think it might be interesting to have a team race for an artifact, lost in an ancient structure. For lack of a better idea, you could have a team of Laras and a team of Amandas looking for an artifact. Teamwork might be involved with certain puzzles that require a coordinated effort on the part of the team players.

    The topic of multiplayer has come up before, but Tomb Raider being what it is, does not lend itself well to multiplayer activities, but I still hope Eidos develops something related to multiplayer.

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    Fristly yes i do play halo on my pc. But i never said i did. So i dont know how you know. My colluge gamerking who is also my rival does also plays it you probolly think it was me.

    Yes i dont mean like death match. But i mean like you got maybe a king of artifact. Like some guy has a artifact. Then pepole chase him. First to have it longest wins. Guns and hand combat implied. Also yes i was thinking somehting under the lines of the coop mode in splintercell choas theoy. You could have a crack team of 4 and have to go to retrive a artifact. While the enemy fraction defends it or something.

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