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Thread: all the tombs!

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    all the tombs!

    Looking at the tombraider website in the history section they missed out 1 !...i think just after tombraider 2 there was an additional game called the gold mask i think.
    Completed all the tomb games but unfortunatley my pc isnt fit enough to take legends!!

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    Well, if they did that there would be like 20 different games (I am exagerating)

    Coz there were loads of expansions.

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    There were only four official expansions.
    Unfinished Business - expansion to TR1.
    The Golden Mask - expansion to TR2.
    The Lost Artefact - expansion to TR3.
    Times Exclusive Level - expansion to TR4.
    Other than that there is nothing, only fan-made levels.

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    What about the Gameboy and Mobile titles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREEBLE View Post
    What about the Gameboy and Mobile titles?
    Never played them. So, I don't know.

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    So, other than all the games afore mentioned:

    Tomb Raider ("Tale of the Nightmare Stone") - GBC
    Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword - GBC
    Tomb Raider: The Prophecy - GBA

    Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex - JAVA
    Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar - JAVA
    Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life - JAVA

    Granted, these are just parallel stories that don't affect the main stories at all, but so are the expansion packs, but rather just add to. (I might also have missed some, but that's intentional as the ones above are the only ones I can think of with potential storylines.)

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