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Thread: Depart for avernus library seal help!!!

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    Depart for avernus library seal help!!!

    OK hi peoples, im a massive fan of lok iv finshed BO1, BO2, SR1,SR2 but i havnt been up to scratch with playing the game atm im on defiance but stoped playing it soon after it came out and cant remember where enythn is iv just come out of voradors hide out in his mansion and have the avernus library seal now where the hell is the library its been that long since iv played the game i cant remember where the library is ,is it in voradores mansion cus bahh i dunno heeelp me plzzzz

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    OH yes in using Raz eny help would be great

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    If you still need the help...

    You run up the path from the crypt to where there are broken pillars in front of the wall. You jump on the pillars and glide through the window you broke earlier in the game, then just follow the hall until you get to the library door. When you get to the library, there will be a cutscene and Vorador will talk to Raziel again. Across the library from the door is a balcony exit with a glowing circular recess. Use the library seal on the door and it will ask you if you want to depart for Avernus.
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    I experienced a huge problem with this too. The whole 'library' thing just didn't sink in with me.

    I looked at a couple walkthroughs to try and jog my memory of where this library was.

    I was able to get as far as gliding through the window, but when you follow that path, there's not really any 'blue door' as guides say, so it's a tad confusing.

    It can be sorta confusing to people who do not immediately see a statue, or who see the door which is locked by a reaver blade element we have not acquired yet (earth?)

    However there was a fireplace across from that door. When we lit the two fires with our fire blade, the fire went out, and you could bust the stone. Behind the stone are bars, an if you shift to spectral form you can phase through them.

    This is initially where we went to acquire the second spear. When you phase through you need to jump across some pillars and I remember dying when I didn't make the jump at first.

    Once you get across there's a door, and there is the room where, as opposed to turning white orbs black (which we did on the place we got to from the upper left of the entrance to voradors mansion, which you get to by going across the pillars which change when you go spectral) this time you had to turn the black orbs white.

    There is a similar sequence for the final one where you went across the rooftops to get the last one with the rotating spiked platforms, except there weren't any motion-sensing gargoyles, instead you had to flip a switch and go based on a timer.

    Anyway I think that's the library, I do remember a big statue looking ominous there (similar to how those pics of what looks like Raziel with the water emblem in the room looks ominous).

    Part of what's frustrating about getting there from when you first phase through the fireplace gate is that you no longer die when you fall. Instead, if you fall from there, you actually fall into the 2nd room of Vorador's mansion. I think there were some deadly mists or something and once you retrieved the spear it cleared away.

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