Thread: May be this is why we have not heard!!!!!

May be this is why we have not heard!!!!!

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    May be this is why we have not heard!!!!!

    Many of you already know we have been rattling on about a patch for the game for some months now, and yet no response from either Eidos or Avalanche about any such release.

    And yet they can rattle on about the next installement of the game read for yourselves.

    I for one will avoid, as no matter the platform or how well it looks, the underlying issues of game play, and the lack of testing prior to release has made me think twice of purchasing Avalanche developed and Eidos promoted games.

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    Wow, shame on them. seriously.
    thats just pathetic.

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    I for one wont pre order another game from Eidos or Avalanche again.
    In fact I probably wont buy any of there games without reading like 5 reviews, going on forums to check what the games like and and making sure there's a patch released before ever consider buying another game from them.

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    I'm probably gonna go rent this game before I buy it, meh.
    I was just going to go buy without renting but that would have been a bad idea.
    I hope all the bugs people are complaining about are only on the xbox 360 and pc versions, and the xbox 1 version doesnt have any of them.