Thread: bye bye buggy!

bye bye buggy!

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    Rolleyes bye bye buggy!

    no.....this thread isnt to tell everyone that i got rid of all my bugs,but to just let u know that i have now sold this crappy game after waiting god knows how long 4 a patch.
    i bought it for £30 the day it was released and today sold it for £5.
    i can completely understand why my local game shop offered me £5 as they claimed that nearly every copy they sold had been refunded bcoz of the poor quality of the title.
    also,they said that this game also cost them alot of wasted time and hastle,and was rated the worst title of the year!
    and no(mr administrator/moderator man)i will not name any company names as its there personal oppinion by the staff.
    so i will not b buying any sequel to this title or another eidos game in the future.(apart from hitman)
    i am realy gutted bcoz the potential was immense,but just poorly executed
    sadly...this was the hardest game to give,up as in some respects it had style.
    when i die....i wanna be re-incarnated as a bra!

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