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Please Help :(

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    Unhappy Please Help :(

    I have reinstalled FFVII after finding the Disc 1 again, and installed the XP patch. Now, I have a few questions-
    1.) I can not play the game in Hardware Render Mode. All that show up are characters. No backgrounds, etc. I have a 2 Ghz AMD processor, 1.25GB of RAM, 2 60GB HDD, and a 128MB PNY Verto GeforceFX 6600GT, and WinXP SP2. Before I lost the disc, I was playing with no issues other than the Chocobo thing, but, again, I could not run it in Hardware Mode (it wasn't selectable). Now I can select it. So I do. And in-game all I get is a black screen with characters on it. Any Idea how to fix this?
    2.) I don't know how to enable the use of my Logitech Dual Action for this game. Could someone please tell me?
    3.) My movies don't seem to be corrupted. I can watch them in WMP just fine. But I get no movies in either software or hardware mode when I start the game. Any Ideas?

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    did the game work without the xp patch? of so than get rid of it and just download the chocobo patch... i downloaded the xp patch before and it was compleatly usless for my video card and the same thing happened and i reinstalled my ff7 after i uninstalled xp patch just to be sure...chocobo patch o and if you get to cosmo canyon and it just freezes be sure to read the "suggestions for cosmo canyon observatory freeze" post and go down to the bottom and do the thing that the guy said with the ace mega codecs thing yeah that pretty much solves all the problems you will encounter in ff7... hope it works and good luck!