..you're saying that Mr. Blonde was gonna kill you, then when we got back, he was going kill us, take the satchel of diamonds, and scram. I'm right about that, right? That's correct? That's your story?” – Nice Guy Eddie

Fans of the infamous boys in black will soon get a chance to rewrite the story and influence the turn of events in Reservoir Dogs, the game when it arrives in stores on October 24th. For now, whet your appetite with this week’s selection of brand new screens shots and cool concept art. This week we show more of the cool locations featured in the Reservoir Dogs gaming world and you get to see the dogs in several stand-off situations or just causing general mayhem.

Reservoir Dogs is based on the 1992 Quentin Tarantino-directed classic movie about five total strangers who are brought together to carry out a diamond heist. In the video game release, players get to fill the shoes of each iconic character in the film as they relive the Reservoir Dogs experience complete with the movie's trademark style and wit. The game will also feature the full and original soundtrack from the movie - the super sounds of the seventies brought alive with the thematic "Little Green Bag", the unforgettable "Stuck in the Middle with You "and more.