Thread: Game Freezing.

Game Freezing.

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    Game Freezing.

    I recently purchased the game, and I must say I really enjoy it. Well I enjoy it for about 3 minutes at a time. Because every 3 minutes or so the game freezes or locks up for about 30 seconds, then returns to normal. This routine continues as long as I play. Has anyone else experienced this on the PC?

    My specs: XP PRO SP2 - P4 3Ghz - 1GB DDR2 400 PC3200 RAM - Nvidia 7600GT

    - Audigy 2 platinum.

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    I believe there are some problems with the Audigy sound card when playing this game. Have you got the latest updated drivers for the gfx and soundcard?


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    It's a sound problem but not an Audigy one. I have an Audigy. I installed the game at friends to see if it was just my sys specs. It wasn't. All the bugs were still there on his system as well.