Thread: Help. GLARING BUGS in some side missions? (360 version)

Help. GLARING BUGS in some side missions? (360 version)

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    Rolleyes Help. GLARING BUGS in some side missions? (360 version)

    Some side missions require you to go blow up a structure. When you get there, there's the red arrows pointing down at a circle on the floor. What the hell are you supposed to do?

    I've tried timed explosives, triggered explosives, grenades, rockets, vehicle weapons, everything and nothing works. Also, when undertaking these missions, for some reason you can walk through the walls etc of the structure your trying to destroy. I could walk right through the walls of the tiny prison I was supposed to destroy, and the supports of the sam site I was supposed to take out. Everything is perfectly solid though when not in a side mission.

    And then there was this other mission where I had to get a crate of coca off an oil platform. The crate was located on the platform. I tried to parachute on and just went straight through it. It wouldn't let me climb the ladder up to it from the water either. Whilst not doing a side mission though I can land perfectly ok on an oil rig.

    What's going on

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    Some customer support perhaps?

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    Yeah there are quite a few issues with this game... think it migth have been released a little too early IMO.

    The chances of you getting some customer support of a Eidos representative are quite slim, as they rarely post here. Its mainly for support from fellow gamers, so you will have to wait for someone else who has experienced this.

    I persoanlly have it on the PC and am not going to play it again until there is support from a gamepad... cos you can't control the vehicles with a keyboard.

    Good luck!