Thread: [PC] x1900xtx CF problem.

[PC] x1900xtx CF problem.

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    [PC] x1900xtx CF problem.

    Well it's simple: If Crossfire is activated the game doesn't launch (Well it does but only to a black screen (no Video at all) and then back to desktop or even BSOD). If I have Crossfire Disabled in Catalyst CC I don't get this problem. Need help.

    Also, why is there no 1920x1200?

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    Originally Posted by DashKiller
    Also, why is there no 1920x1200?
    Tell me bout it... This is the 21st century, many people have larger widescreen monitors!!

    Need to fix this, aswell as the control pad problem!

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    Now I'm disappointed by Eidos, prolly never gonna buy a game of them again.

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    intrepid_soul Guest
    Originally Posted by keogh
    the control pad problem!

    The game does not support gamepads, as stated on the back of the box it just supports keyboard and mouse.