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Thread: Just Cause PC Bug Report! Post yours here!

Just Cause PC Bug Report! Post yours here!

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    *A real bug problem*

    Well i can not find the thread to report a problem for the xbox 360..however i have found a very annoying bug, its happened to be a few times, but this last time i just bought a jet from the black market for 30k and it spawned it pointing off a cliff, so i had to tie it to a truck and pull it out and straighten it. when i got out of the truck my jet was gone? and it made a sound like my wire snapped yanno..its happened a few times and it sucks lol

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    "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi"!?

    When I play Just Cause 2 on my Xbox, On the Reapers faction mission titled BLACK GOLD the game FREEZES every time I attempt to approach the oil rig.

    This of course means that I am completely unable to progress as I am autosaved to the beginning of this mission.

    Please can someone come to my aid as, until I hit this wall, I was genuinely convinced Just Cause 2 may well be the greatest game ever created!

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    Can't exit militayboat

    If you grappelhook a militaryboat you end up at the minigun but you can´t exit the gunposition.

    If you save the game while at the minigun in the boat and then load the saved game you start the game at your last checkpoint with the minigun in your hand and unlimited ammo...

    This is PC version with update 1 installed

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    100% Game Wipe - all progress lost

    I really was enjoying this game, bug's not withstanding, until today. After almost a month of fun I did something dummy and died. No biggie right just till it "yes" you want to continue and BLAMO back to where you where and its all fun again.


    The game came back and I said I had kill 3 billion, 3,260,498,654 or something like that, and I had no weapons, no mission nothing. Then some lameo guard shot me and I did the "yes please continue" thinking that all the "bad" would go away. Nope completely wiped my game. I have no weapons, no missions and no known items on the map screen. No factions, no mission, no money . NOTHING.

    The game is now corrupt and will require me to do a "new game" hopefully that will fix things but if not I''m not out the game purchase.

    For those who care its A PC game and I have the specs as follows.

    Windows 7 PRO
    ATI Radeon 4840 w/1G of ram
    AMD Phenom II X4 920
    8G of ram but only addressing 3.2 until I reload with 64bit.

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    Really bad bug on JC2 PC !! See pic.

    Hey, I started playing this game today and have had nothing but trouble. Its been freezing randomly during gameplay and then after I close it down I re-open it and it wont load or it freezes when I try to load my saved game file. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice and nothing seems to fix this. I have a very powerful computer with a brand new GTX570 with the most recent updates for everything. I am playing the game through steam and I have the steam files all installed to my secondary hard drive. However, steam has had no problems until this game.

    Then the MAIN ISSUE is pictured below in the link .. as I drive any vehicle the map begins falling apart and the faster I go and the farther I go it gets worse and worse, like the engine cant keep up with it, until it eventually disappears completely and I fall into a hole in the map and keep falling until I blow up or die.

    Uploaded with

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    oh and also

    on top of all that when the above happens I click continue my game and it says my save file is corrupted. Then usually freezes again. Im about fed up with this game.

    If anyone can help id love it.. lol (sigh)

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    Scratch that

    So I don't really know what was the cause for all the chaos I mentioned above but I uninstalled steam and everything with it last night and reinstalled it to the main hard drive and today I tried JC2 and it seems as though the problem has been solved.. What a mess. Glad its over.

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    I will NEVER buy this game, after what I've heard here, and the lack of concern from the developers. Dont support JC2, if this is how they feel about us. We support them by buying the game, and they basically ignore us? According to everyone here, they wont even bother returning emails? No way!

    I will never buy from this company again, on principle. Unacceptable!

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    I just recently bought this great game over the past weekend when it was on sale on Steam. When I play the game, I will play without a hitch for about 20 minutes and then randomly the game will slow down extremely (to the point where it isn't playable, about .2 FPS), the sound will flicker and everything will obviously be slower, like the Esc menu or PDA. I have verified the files on Steam and ran a Defrag on the files a few times over. I have an almost new computer that exceeds all of the minimum requirements for the game, and even (according to Can You Run It) would be able to run the game on maximum settings, but to keep it from stuttering I turned all of the Video options down. I looked on the forums and didn't see anything like this problem happening, any idea what it could be?


    Edit: Also, with this problem, the game does not actually stop responding (like when I go to my control panel and try to force close it, it will be very responsive), so I can't give you guys any type of error message.

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    Just save a lot and you will be safe!
    Just Cause 1 - X-box

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