Thread: Just Cause PC Bug Report! Post yours here!

Just Cause PC Bug Report! Post yours here!

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    Please patch this $39 coaster.

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    I've been having a lot of trouble with freezing and the game just quitting out on me. I'll be playing and then either a CTD or possible BSOD. I have the latest drivers for my video card, no artifacting or corruption, and no other possibilities.

    My specs: (copied these from another forum I frequent)
    AMD Athlon64 3000+ @2.08 Ghz, not OC'ed, except for the Cool 'n Quiet drivers
    Gigabyte GA-K8NS mobo, F19 BIOS, unknown revision version (1.x or 2.x, according to Giga's site)
    1.5 GB Corsair ValueRAM - ran MemTestx86 before format, no errors. (3 sticks 512 btw)
    XFX Geforce 6600GT 128MB 8x AGP - sometimes fan whirs very loud, though a few adjustments and it's fine after startup. Ran dxdiag, no problems. 91.47 drivers. Now I have the X-Treme G Forceware drivers 92.91. Same problems.
    Creative Audigy2 ZS, I feel this is the source of my woes. Have the latest drivers from Creative's site (came out on October 9th)
    Plenty of storage, though I don't see how this could be problematic - 60GB WD, 160GB Maxtor Diamondmax 9
    Lite-on SOHW-1693 Burner
    HP Combo drive
    Generic 400W PSU.

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    wtf, I used to have no bugs NOW it crashes on start up

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    Found the problem with my problem. Looks like it wasn't the game, but a faulty memory slot as far as I can tell. I tested all three stick I have in the first slot, closest to the processor. All three passed Prime95, Just Cause and UT2004 with flying colors, no Bsod or crashes at all. As soon as I put a stick in the third slot (all three together that is), Prime95 detects and error in its algorithm. I have yet to test the games on it though in this state, but that's only because it's late now. I can deduce now that it's either a mad slot, overheating, or just that a stick is truly bad, however much it passes. Shooting in the dark still.

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    Error when loading just cause

    I bought just cause yesterday and installed it perfectly. But what happens when I try to load it? Oh yes...

    justcause.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


    Can u help me to fix the problem

    e-mail me

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    My bug report - a tale of woe

    Many of the bugs I will report will be repeats of what others have experienced..but I wanted to contribute because this game has great potential and can still be saved. Welll....maybe.

    Major issues -
    THE STUTTERING issue...oh dear god in heaven...the STUTTERING
    I have 8 helicopters following me constantly, randomly attacking and killing targets. If I scrape a car and get a rating of a 1, a helicopter comes out of nowhere and starts shooting me up. The helicopters have sniper-like precision even when I am running through dense jungle cover!!!!!!! Can't be located for extraction or heavy drop on a high clear, flat area but if move a couple paces...all of a sudden I can get all that done. The physics in this game are screwy at best...I can't turn left or right in a car without the risk of a 360 spinout. This game revolves around shooting and driving...and yet they seem like an after thought thrown it by the developers when these are two core features that should be as perfect as GTA San Andreas. Sometimes it takes me a full clip or two to kill a common enemy and other times I can kill him with a few bullets. I can fall out of a plane and smack the water or take shot after shot from bad guys, but if a car barely grazes me...half my life is gone!!!!!! No warning that I am about to drive a car or boat into restricted areas until I have a chopper after me!!! Sometimes the vehicle weapons in a boat or truck are available, and other times they do not work at all.

    Minor Issues -
    Birds fly through everything. Headlights do not always work or stay aligned with vehicles. No in game clock to tell me what time it is or when night is coming. Struggling to get a boat to just stay still so it does not float away when I dive for something. Way too many random gun battles and fights going on, helicopters shooting stuff up. Sometimes there is no "trail" or indication that a grenade was thrown and sometimes no indication that your car is on cannot see the flames, you blow up and die. To select a side mission, you walk up, press the USE button to activate. No choice. There should be a YES or NOT AT THIS TIME dialog in case you made a mistake. Bad texture alignments/clipping. People walking around and "crossing the street" repeatedly in weird places like on bridges or deep in the jungles.

    I definitely think this game could be great and I hope there is an expansion pack or a Just Cause 2 that is lean, mean and NOT A PORT job.

    My PC (just in case the developers try to blame my equipment)
    AMD FX cpu
    ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
    2GB Corsair
    2 300GB SATA2 Seagate hard drives
    Creative X-Fi Fatality card (Also tried using my old Audigy 4)
    2 NVIDIA 512mb 7950GTs running in SLI mode (tried downgrading to just one - didn't make a difference)
    Of course, all the latest updates and drivers as of today!

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    Half of the problems many of you have, I have never encountered, but some I have...

    Lack of Vehicle sounds when you are in a vehicle... funny thing is, when I jump in a vehicle I can't hear the sounds of it, as well as rarely can hear the horn of the vehicle... BUT, I found that when running FRAPS to record in game footage, the videos of the game you CAN actually hear the cars sound, unfortunately they are too low sounding, but you can hear them...

    My biggest gripe right now, has got to be ground vehicle handling... I forget where it is, but its on the 3rd or 4th island, but one perfect example is the one car at the one safe house, the Rally car looking one, damn is that thing sloppy, driving at slow speeds & it turns & drives out of control like theres no tomorrow, get up to higher speeds & it irons out a bit, but then it tends to not steer enough...

    also, its really lame how when your in a given vehicle, that some how, be it the cops or rival cartel members, when they are in their vehicles, EVEN MOTORCYCLES, they can easily catch up to you, & even push your vehicle around... however when YOU get in their vehicles, can you do the same, NOPE, you can barely nudge them at all...

    Put this in perspective, I was cruising around in the chopper one day, & found the salt mine area, jacked a front end loader/bulldozer & crept along the roads... was rediculous that I could barely push another vehicle with it, if I had a cartel or cop car in front, it would be enough to slow the dang thing to a stop... bikers slamming into the side of the thing, would slow it, etc etc...

    tonight I got sick of it & left the game, as getting sick of driving a fast vehicle, & the cops or cartel members somehow catching up to me, & then ramming me aside into some trees, & these were ones on Bikes... since when does that happen?

    aside from the lame vehicle controls & physics (mainly when your in them), as for the graphics... I have no specific gripes... all areas of the game load fine, no hiccups (at least none Ive noticed), haze, heat vapor, clouds etc etc all run perfectly for me... water detail is excellent, even at high altitudes I don't have much complaints about details, things could be better, but when your several thousand meters up in the air free falling, fine details of the land below is one of the last things I'm worried about...

    running FRAPS while in the game, my frame rates are pretty good, anywhere from 30fps at the lowest to almost 100fps at times, usually hovers around 40-60fps, running the game at 1280x1024... Honestly I'm pretty confident I could run the game at max settings & at my monitors max res of 1600x1200 & not take that much of a hit in frame rates, as long as it stays above 35-40fps average then I'm fine with that...

    & I'm not running at low setting or anything, my ingame settings are about half & half of Moderate to max settings...

    My system specs...

    Athlon 64 X2 4200+
    1GB DDR400
    MSI K8N Neo4 SLI Platinum
    74GB WD Raptor, 60GB ATA100 Maxtor, 80GB ATA133 WD
    SB Audigy 4
    XFX GeForce 7800GT 256MB
    WinXP Home/SP2

    (and all WinXP updates & driver Updates are current, including Direct X, there was a small update of 9.0c that was needed for the BF2142 Demo not normally listed on the MS updates If I remember, prior to that I could not get that game demo to run)

    but other than that, sounds & what not are fine for me, & just about every other aspect I have no real gripes about, except the main menu interface needs mouse controls, & would be nice to have some sort of gamepad support being it is more or less a direct Console port...

    mapping of keys was a bit awkward for me, but I managed to get them set right finally... as to my mouse's settings, I'm using a Logitech MX-500 & havent tried to see if I could use the extra buttons on it, so not even sure about that...

    the only other thing I can think of that sticks out is the wacky camera controls, its nice that you can spin the view around & all, but when driving vehicles your stuck with using a manual camera view, that you use with the mouse which can be very annoying when trying to watch where your going or a FPS type view which just doesnt seem right, can't really put my finger on it, but that view just seems too narrow so to speak, not enough peripheral vision in that one... why you can't have multiple fixed views while driving is beyond me, a Bumper cam, high overhead rearview, low overhead rear view (both of these looking forward, you know what I mean, like in most racing games), drivers seat view, etc etc... I just hate driving the cars in one direction then having to dink around with the camera & face it in the right way, sometimes in the chaos that can ensue, I get my bearings messed up & can't correct the camera quick enough to see where I'm going...

    other than that, not much else...

    but I sincerely hope that a patch will come out addressing the Vehicle controls & physics, as well as the AI vehicle physics, & the sound issues & hopefully the graphics issues everyone else seems to be having...

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    bug in just cause

    ive the bug in the second mission the liberation of the towns when i arrive to the second liberation my pc turn off or go bsod

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    First off I have enjoyed many aspects of the gameplay, level design and graphics. Under the bugs that makeup Lost Cause lies a great game called Just Cause. Please fix the crash bugs immediatly so the the game is playable. In it's current state the crashes and the limited save opportunities make this otherwise excellent game totally unplayable. Once the crash bugs have been fixed could you also release a game play patch to fix the other issues.

    These are the bugs I have encountered since I started playing 3 days ago.
    Crashes tend to happen once every hour or so and generally the lockup the system forcing me to do a hard reset on my PC.
    Everytime I do this I risk doing damage to the partition data on my PC.

    How you treat your customers can have a lasting impact on your reputation as a publisher or developer. Given the great aspects of this game it is sad to see the slow response to the issues plaguing the game. It would be best for everyone if you release a date for the first patch this week.
    Such a patch should focuss on fixing crash bugs.

    Crash Bugs. Must be fixed ASAP.

    1. Numerous crashes that cause my PC to lockup(In the game world). Generrally these are accompnied by audio stuttering. At least one was caused by data getting stuck on the video card(not allowing resources to be reallocated). All crashes occured after or during attacks on Bases.

    2. Several crashes that cause my PC to lockup(Menu). This has happened 3 times whilst I was browsing the menu.

    3. Several crashed to desktop, useually accompnied by audio stutter. In all cases this has happened after finishing missions.

    --- I have worked in the games industry before as a artist and QA and I would say that the above were all caused by memory leaks in the Video card and possibly the audio card. ---

    Secondary Bugs (Probably related to crash bugs)
    1. Audio Stutter and game slow down bug.

    Tertiery Bugs (Annoying bugs that don't cause crashes).

    1. Some vehicle handling is awfull. early vehicles such as the agency bike spinout far too easily. After a while I makes me feel sick. Games should be enjoyable. Please make all vehicles perform as good or better than the Agency 4WD.

    2. Cannot use grapple to hijack hovering Chopper. Please change the max angle to 90 degrees or more.

    3. Bloom effect is too strong. Please add an option to switch off bloom seperatly from AA and AF.

    4. At the Guerilla base "Air Support"(I believe), there is a helepad on top of the garrage. Please enable the game to save the presence of any chopper left on the helepad. Eg in the same way that vehicles in the garrage are saved.

    5. Please reduce damage suffered by getting hit by a vehicle by 50% or more.

    6. Currently Armoured vehicles seem to be ably to damage themselves when their shells explode too close. Please disable that damage.

    7. Sometimes when assaulting a base all the friendly NPCs dissappear leaving the player alone.

    My PCs stats:
    CPU: AMD 3200+ Athlon
    RAM: 1GB Corsair DDR 400.
    MB: Asus A7N8x-e Delux (Note that I have a dedicated sound card - see below).
    Audio: Hercules Gametheatre XP.
    Graphics: Asus x800 Pro.

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    No Water for me!

    Hi guys, i seem to be having the same problem! I cant believe how crap the support is for this game. Eidos used to be a good company in my eyes and i have always thought highly of them, but because of the many issues in this game and no patch after 3 months, despite knowing these issues, it just seems like eidos dont care! Thats customer service for you!

    Problems with the game after playing for 20 mins:

    Water is clear instead of blue, i cant even see it! The only reason i know its there is because i see boats hovering 10ft above the floor, and the shore line is visible as the waves splash onto the beach. Other than that... wtf is going on ?

    No mouse support in menu's! I mean come on Eidos, u cannot rip a damn console game and just leave everything exactly as it is, expecting it to work perfect for every pc in the world! PC's have a mouse, so use it! You wouldnt miss out buttons when configuring the console version!

    Buildings not even touching the floor! Another issue... i mean did ur 10 year old kids make this game? Can you even allign buildings properly?

    Loading issues, when playing the game and moving into a crowded area i experience about 5 seconds of loading issues which seems like a crash. This is not because i have a crap pc either. I have a gaming pc and a laptop, so far i have only played this on my laptop, and its a damn good one!

    Bought my laptop last week, updated everything, drivers, windows etc so there are no excuses for the problem being my laptop. It has no spyware, viruses etc that would affect the performance of the game.

    Another issue, when calling in a vehicle.... the helicopter flies over.... without a box in its winch, and it randomly creates a box in the sky and drops it!

    My laptop specs are windows xp, service pack 2

    t2300 dual core intel processor
    1 gig of ddr 2 ram
    100gig hard disk
    ati mobility x1600 graphics

    All capable of playing the game!

    its been 3 months since the release of this game and still no patch. When games from EA come out they usually release a patch within 2 weeks to fix any issues. why cant Eidos do this? They take ur money, then tell u to FO


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    Rolleyes my problem sucks balls

    I can tell you a problem. A really big problem. One i cannot ignore much longer. How i might just be going along in a boat, or a car or whatever, and bits of the land are imprinted on the sky in dark blue colours. A whole goddamned bridge I could see one time. Bloody hell, i cant wait for eidos to release a patch for this bull.

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    Originally Posted by adv1
    Argh...the constant 'Stop right there citizen!' and helicopters opening fire at everything every few seconds is starting to get VERY annoying
    this is happening to me but all the guuerillas attack me and the police are my allies. this only started AFTER i completed the game? i made a new game and it works perfectly but i want to max out my completed game!!!!!

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    i have a problem with my game

    ummm yeah can anyone help me please i have a 512mb Ati radeon x1300 and it has shader model 3.0 and just cause only requires 2.0 but my guy in the game does not have any shadows on him or the cars its acting likw when i had a GPU with shader model 1.1 it only has shadows on the ground from trees and my guy
    can any one help

    My PC Specs

    -Ati Radeon x1300 512mb AGP
    -abit motherboard
    -1gig of ram
    -intel celeron 2.66ghz
    -3 HDD 160GB total
    -cd drive and dvd drive

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    Major stuttering after an hour of gameplay

    After 60 to 90 minutes the game starts stuttering, with choppy framerate and sound, basically a slide show. Shutting down and restarting the game fixes the issue for the next 60 minutes or so...All drivers are up to date. Same issue with or without the AMD DualCore Optimizer. Definitely not a pc problem, can play all recent games without this issue. WHERE IS THE PATCH FOR JUST CAUSE?
    Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe/ AMD64 X2 4800+ Toledo w/ Zalman CNPS9500-LED Cooling / OCZ Titanium 2GB DDR400 2-3-2-5 1T/ ATI X1900 XTX / WD Raptor 150GB SATA1 / 2 x WD Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2 / Antec NeoHE 550W / NEC 16X DVD±R DVD 3550A / Samsung 930B LCD / Logitech THX Z-5300e / Nostromo N52 / Windows XP SP2

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    This is an old thread. Post on newer ones for the love of me.

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    Rolleyes me too!

    in return to fraggmatics post i have exactly the same problem but it happens after 5 minuits.

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    Exclamation Garage Doors...

    The garage doors just closes as soon as I get out of the vehicle I was in.
    I can't come out coz' I'm stuck in the garage. There's no other way out either. In some garages this happens to me, the others don't.

    And also that is mentioned before sometimes a vehicle of some sorts just pops right out of nowhere just infront of me when I am at high speed. And CRASH! That's very disturbing.

    The End.
    No more bugs to report.

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    Any help?

    I changed nothing to software or whatsoever. While gaming, my game crashed. Now I tried restarting it, it wouldn't. Reboot, reinstall, windows hoftix, al driver creative, deleting sfx file ... nothing seems to work so far.

    I run the .exe and like 1 second later it closes itself again. No error whatsoever.

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    I found one, to add to the enormous list that eidos will never look at.

    Installed and played the game yesterday, tried to play the game today, game didn't start at all, reinstalled, same thing, reinstalled video drivers and dx, same thing.

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    Horrible game. First and foremost, the game doesn't run for ALOT of people who purchased the real disc. Secondly, the vehicles are really stupid. You cannot do stunts with them, for some reason everytime my vehicle flys over some cliff or something, it comes to a dead stop once hitting the ground. Another problem is the mouse sensitivity. how the hell is someone supposed to aim with it reacting so slowly?

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    game stopped working

    hi. i just got this game, and i loved it. but once i got up to the level where you have to take out the power station it crashed. now, when i click on the just cause icon it makes HDD noises and the light flashes, but it wont go into the game. help me!!!

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    Thumbs Down :mad2:

    EDIT - Excuse me for posting in this topic. I'll post in the other. Delete this post if you want...

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    Slow down bug

    Vista Home Premium 32-Bit SP1
    Intel Core2Duo E6420
    CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400C4 2GB KIT
    BFG GeForce 9800GTX 512MB (175.19 NVIDIA driver)
    SEAGATE 250GB ST3250620AS SATA2 16MB 7200RPM
    PCI Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic (SBXF_PCDRV_LB_2_15_0006)
    Westinghouse LCM-22w3 Black 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

    The most annoying issue for me, as reported by other gamers, is that the game starts to stutter and slow down after 30 minutes or so. I tried lowering the settings and the same thing happens. I can't ALT-TAB since the game crashes when I do. The only way to temporarily fix it is to exit out of the game and restart. Has anyone found a way to at least extend the time before the slow down happens? Any suggestions please let me know! I really like this game but this slow down bug is incredibly annoying!


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    Hello i have a problem in game, the game crash when I back windows and i have largest very big problem:
    This is not my screen, or this the same bug, i have:

    GTX260+ ZOTAC Edition amp² (the bug is also 8600GT and 8800GT)
    I7 920 2.67ghz
    6Go DDR3 1600mhz tri channel
    Asus Rampage II gêne
    Windows Seven 64bits

    Sorry for my english, and i'm not screen of my game, but my game crash when I made a screenshot.

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