Thread: they don't let you do a lot of exploration here

they don't let you do a lot of exploration here

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    Unhappy they don't let you do a lot of exploration here

    sad to say that after they crated huge levels with open lanscapes they don't even let you do free exploration like FARCRY. if the sunset goes down on you, game over, they expect you to beat the clock and without save anywhere option? you guys should try the EL MATADOR demo its worth your time they should just made it a small level game if they want you to beat the clock in each missions. and death animation is like a 5 year old arcade shoot em up game learn from HALF LIFE 2, HITMAN and UNREAL HAVOC physics and try to make it better like that, the game reminds me of Time Crisis
    but in 3rd person mode

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    Sometimes in Life, actually more often in Life, you have to Pay2Play.

    In other words, the demo is made to make you want more and by making it time limited you cant do all that you would like to do. In order to do that, you will have to buy the game.

    It's a free demo for goodness sake. We can't expect the full game without paying.

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    There's plenty of time to explore in the demo. As for the El Matador demo, that's a load of rubbish.

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    The full game is suppose to let you free roam. A demo is suppose to give you just a taste, a teaser. I also seem to remember reading that this is a custom level and wont be in the full game.

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    I found myself lost at one point...this island is a great place to let us run around in on the demo....
    Just another pissant regime...

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    Without the time limit or stupid cops chasing your around, just cruising about and exploring / jumping pararachute / basejumping is gonna be awesome! :-D

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