Thread: After playing the Demo...I'm even MORE EXCITED!

After playing the Demo...I'm even MORE EXCITED!

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    After playing the Demo...I'm even MORE EXCITED!

    Personally I'm happy with what I just played in the demo!

    Wow, what a fantastic ride! I was hoping this game would'nt turn out bad, and it's actually more than I had hoped for! Sure the controls are a bit Lucy-Goosy when driving, but I'm sure they will tighten it up before retail.

    All I can say is that this game will become one of my favorite all time games.

    Action Packed Goodness this Just Cause is!! The draw distance and the sheer beauty of this game is awe inspiring!

    Way to go Avalanche and Eidos!

    This game will be bought on day 1.

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    I felt the same way...and that was just one island!!!! Wait until we get the entire map...already I have seen some amazing vids, just from the demo...this game is gonna be great.
    Just another pissant regime...

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    My first impression was... disappointing, but after playing the demo about a dozen times, I am getting excited :-D

    However, when being chased up the dirt roads by 20+ cop cars, it gets a little annoying, I cant see the road cause there's a constant fireball infront of my car. Sure, lots of action, but it gets irritating.

    Also the car and motorcycle (chopper and boat are better but could also be tweaked) controls need some refining, they're just to... plain... A little more "feel" is needed (read like GTAs cars :-p)

    At first I thought the 3rd person shooting felt awfully stiff and that the character needed to be more dynamic, this is still true but you kinda get used to it and its really not that bad.

    About the parachute, dont move your mouse and it wont be as difficult for you ;-) Mouse moves view, WSAD moves the character/parachute... I love going way up with the heli and just freefalling down looking out over the island, beautiful !

    The game has alot of potential and if the developers take in the feedback generated by the demo and just fix the minor bugs this is gonna be an awesome game, and it runs OK/looks OK on my (now old/crappy) PC.

    1.8GHz AMD Athlon XP, 1GB PC2700 DDR, GF 6600 256mb.. Running everything on low though but with all effects on and 1024... not too bad IMO considering the size/detail of the game...

    Overall, to sum it all up, the feel of the character and vehicles needs to be a little more dynamic IMO... He just feels too tight when running or driving around :-|


    Whats up with not being able to take down fences... And when you do crash your car, I'd like a bit more "destruction" or atleast a crash sound or things falling off and getting deformed (sure some items fall off but still).

    And the death animations, or animations when moving on the ground at all of that mater also needs alittle more dynamic feel to them...

    Maybe its asking to much for such a diverse game but still :-p

    Over and out!

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