Please note this is based on the demo and I am sure there will be more optimizing going on before release. As a big fan of Mercenaries and farcry this was looking to be a perfect fit for what I really like. This is based on the PC version of the demo.
One of the first things that struck me was the graphics. The intro looks to be using the same engine as the gameplay so the lushness of the island you see in the intro is just as lush looking when the game starts. The characters themselves are a bit on the plain side but honestly when you busy blasting them, who cares as long as they die well. The animations are ok at best with the characters seeming to be a little on the stiff side. The vehicles themselves have a good sense of speed helped by the liberal use of bloom. Even though bloom does help with the impression of speed I do hope this is an option in the full game that can be toned down or turned off. It does get in the way of showing off the beautiful graphics of the island. One last thing on graphics and that is popup. At a certain distance (most noticeable boats) vehicles will suddenly appear. One observance even had an empty jeep disappear when I turned my back to it then turned back around. This maybe nothing more than an optimization of the game that needs to be fine-tuned or a limitation of the game engine. We will have to wait for the full game to see how that plays out.
The opening music was very tropical and sounded really good. All the vehicles and weapons sounded good and appropriate. The audio voice work for both your main character and the people around you were crisp and clear. There is a bit of repetitiveness in some of the soldiers and civilians as well as your character. Overall the sound is very strong and the repetitiveness of the comments I hope will be addressed in the full game.
There really is no nice way of putting this. Control needs tweaking badly. The first time you control your character you are sky diving and the controls are a bit on the loose side but given that in real life skydiving a paragliding are probably not the easiest things to control so this can be forgiven. Once down though and you get control of your first vehicle you will find the left/right controls are too touchy making it hard to control the cars. Each car or bike handles a little differently but they all seem to suffer from this over responsiveness. On the other hand the boat, which each type also handles differently, actually handles well. I had a chance to hop into the helicopter to give it a go but alas as soon as I hit the unfriendly sky I was blasted to bits by SAM’s.
The AI ranges from ok to down right silly. I have observed them doing the standard run and gun, stand and gun to just throwing grenades but after a few moments of climbing up then down a tower some don’t shoot and even go so far as to tell me not to point my gun at them. This went so far as to even having them having their back to me. The citizens are the real nuts. Shoot at them and they will duck and run however I have also watched them (appears as normal activity) jump into the ocean and swim away into the deep blue sea never to be seen again. That’s just down right nutty.
The bottom line is that this is such a promising game with the whole sandbox approach to gaming which made others of this style so much fun. So close to being a great game but as it stands is a good game and if this turns into a series is a promising start. Please remember this is based on the demo only.